Friday, November 11, 2011

Seven Dream Bikes?

A recent gauntlet thrown down by fellow blogger Trobairitz requested that with unlimited funds what bike would I choose for each day of the week.

Easy to start with, I would not have:

My first wholly owned machine - good for commuting across South London to school and leaving a plume of blue smoke.
My second bike - I would not have one of these again either - slightly better than #1 for commuting across South London and leaving 2 plumes of blue smoke.

I lead a very sheltered childhood and missed out on British classics.  This would now be rectified by a stable of  British beauties:

A yellow one
A black and white twin  Trumpet

I do fancy Norton's - my school mate had one that also laid a plume of blue smoke across South London (piston ring problem?)
For more sedate runs around my local park this would fit the bill
Moving on to more modern European machinery, this one has nice curves.
Boxer Power: I always fancied a BMW R90S with its twin jugs exposed to the airflow.
A nice blue Jap Job operating on the 4 stroke cycle.
A scooter!  BMW are bringing them back with a vengeance.
To placate our American cousins I would have one of these too.
On Sundays I like to go flying.
All images taken from the internet  - I'm sorry about that.


  1. Nikos,

    I'm with you - British twins are great for looking at, though I understand they were developed with the best of British latent explosive technology.

    I really want an Airhead, but it's not in the budget for the moment.

    And BMW scooter! I'm seeing them all over the place in Garching b munchen! I think I saw two new ones today (garaged for winter, but a scooter that stands that high is somewhat distinctive. I can't believe how popular it is, I've seen more of that make than ANY other Since I've been here. But, it looks extremely comfortable, and a windshield? Come on! Too good!

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  2. It looks like you were able to find a very nice 'stable of beauties'. Why is it I think most guys would rather be riding Keira Knightly than the Ducati she used for that Chanel commercial?

    Thanks for playing along with your special brand of humor and twinkle in your eye.

  3. Blimey, who's the lass on the Captain America chopper?? I don't think you'd feel the need (or indeed the energy) to go out on your bike if you were waking up to her every morning.

  4. This is a great post! I think I might do one of my own...but for the moment, I have The Girl's Wedding on my mind.

    In fact, I need that to take my mind off that great, lardy, unmanageable lump in the penultimate pic. And I don't like the bike she's on either.

  5. Nikos:
    If my wife was looking over my shoulder, I'd say you needed help. Secretly though....

    There's a (smutty) saying in NZ that if it has tits or tyres, sooner or later there will be trouble. Think hard my friend. You already have enough tyres.

  6. Brady

    The new BMW scooters look more conventional but you cannot beat the old Heinkel Tourist!


    Is that who it is?


    I know nothing

  7. Affer

    All the best for the big day!

    I could arrange for Miss Lardy to do a wobble past outside the Church?


    If it were only tits and tyres that have got me into trouble I would be a considerably richer man...

  8. Wow! What a cool variety of bike.

    Here's a link to my fantasy garage:


  9. Oops. Here you go:

  10. Uhhh hot girls.. especially the one with the muscles! hahaha
    Mrs Nikos ;O)

  11. I think it would be much cheaper to have the dream bikes than the dream girls.

    Especially the one on the American Muscle. I'll bet she eats a lot!


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