Saturday, November 17, 2012

To be a Scooterist

My large over powering transcontinental BMW motorcycle has celebrated my recent birthday by treating me to an annual service payout event. The partially unforseen consequence of this has been that I was lent a scooter whilst the service people wiped around the oil filler plug and prepared a huge bill.

Here we are  - a spanking new state of the Kymco art BMW C600GT in pomegranate blue.
Knees rammed up hard against the joy stick redolent of  me in a Blanik glider.
Convenience in motion - a porta potty is provided - BMW think of everything then charge you for it.  The lid is heated by the way.
One blob or two: there are 2 heat settings.
I found out what that red button was for - ejector seat.

 Plus points:  It goes well with a twist of the wrist.

Minus point: Impossible to steer with knees rammed up against the handlebars.

Is it worth £10,000? Not really.
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