Friday, June 27, 2014

Scenes of a Filling Station Nature and was James May Correct on Mexican Food?


This month I present a vignette of a typical NW May spring weekend in the German state of Hesse.

In other words I just found a load of photographs on my camera and am wondering what to do with them.

Mrs N has discovered a source of floor tiles

Here is the place at Schoneck (o with an umlaut please) - job lot purchased for a knock down price from  a certain Herr Eineaufspaltungbildvonhundertwasser

56 pallets of tiles weighing 20kg each required 7 journeys. Dynamic range of car suspension at it's performace envelope has been confirmed.

Meanwhile a hole has appeared in a wall...

...whilst we take a break admiring the sacks of cat litter at Hornbach (o without an umlaut please)
Later we tank up

A helmeted motorcyclist stands in line to rob the filling station - flowers for sale

A clever combined water air machine

Seasonal CO2 producing goods for sale

Icon at top left means "you are about to be decapitated"?

Green diesel fuel is €4 cheaper than orange petrol - not the case in UK
 Later in the weekend we are permitted a day of rest.  We cycle down to the river.

I wonder if there is a Chipolata Street in Neasden?

A typical family cruising Frankfurter Str.

A load of balls

Ah yes, lunch by the Rhine - Biebrich

Refried sick with melted cheese (to paraphrase TopGear)

A brace of Adventure motorcyclists makes it to the Rhine

I have an awkard moment on the cycle ride home when the cerveza Modelo kicks in and I lose control

Mainhatan/Frankfurt skyline - I have departed chaos house renovation on a jet plane

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Thundersprint 2014 Flash Flood Report

The annual Frank Melling pageant of veteran moto GP racers took place in Derbyshire this year.
Blogger friend Rich of going fast getting nowhere fame did the decent thing and rode to Darley Moor from somewhere far west of Cardiff in monsoon conditions to buy me breakfast.
Frank Melling heralds the event as the big and very very wet one.
The video is coming.

Breakfast full English - thanks Rich!

Further to the full English, Rich undergoes noise control

Large and little posing

View of the Darley Moor race cicuit - it's on and old RAF airfield whose 3 runways forming a triangle now make a race circuit.

By chance I flew over Darley Moor last week on approach to Manchester airport  - the circuit is visbile juat in front of the IAE V2500 engine
At 09:11 precisely blue sky appeared. At 09:12 it started raining again.
The cavalcade - careful observation necessary to pick out the Nikos World orange led spotlamp and dayglo helmet behind number 268  - thank you someone for taking this picture.
Later in the day the main event of a timed "hill climb" takes place - here is a combination doing its stuff.  Photographer unknown again but if I'm breaching your copyright please let me know!

VIDEO coming...................

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