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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Survival Skills Rider Training e-course

Beats getting cold.....

Survival Skills

e-Course Syllabus

October 07 16 Oct

  • Your Profile—Getting to know each other
  • Hazard Awareness Video—What did you spot?
  • Highway Code Quiz—The Rules of the Road
  • Stability—Bikes don’t balance naturally, they need help
  • Posture—Are we sitting comfortably?
  • Braking Quiz—Before you learn to go, it’s a good idea to know how to stop
  • Practical 1—Braking Exercises
  • Why do accidents happen?—Minor errors stack up
  • Risk Assessment—To ride safely we have to understand risk
  • Using speed and direction changes to advantage—Defensive Riding Skills
  • What is a Hazard?—two different ways of thinking about them
  • Reacting to the Clues—where to look and what to look for
  • Grading hazards for risk i—some familiar accident scenarios
  • Practical 2—Identifying hazards
  • Grading hazards for risk ii—assessing junction accidents
  • Survival Reactions—when instinct takes over
  • Practical 3—simple steering exercises
  • Conspicuity Aids—some important questions
  • Reading the Signs—using road signs and markings
  • Reading the Informal Clues—what else can we see?
  • The Proactive Approach to Riding—not leaving things to chance
  • The Safety Bubble—positioning choices
  • Practical 4—Safety, Stability, View
  • Dead Ground vs the Vanishing Point—what you can see, what you can’t see
  • The Vision Line—opening up the view ahead
  • Practical 5—Finding the Vision Line
  • Throttle Sense vs Positive Braking—pros and cons
  • Advanced Braking Theory—alternative techniques
  • Gears—the forgotten link
  • Practical 6—gear exercises
  • Throttle Control—using the right throttle/gear combination
  • Throttle Use in Bends—ensuring optimum machine balance
  • Practical 7—throttle exercises
  • Understanding Bends—what are our goals?
  • Understanding Bend errors—what goes wrong?
  • Machine control and Bends—how it works
  • Bends and Lines—pros and cons
  • Practical 8—slow, look, lean & roll
  • Practical 9—reference points
  • Practical 10—thirds
  • Putting it together—Point and Squirt
  • A complete system for Bends—in table form
  • Restraint into a Bend—knowing where to go slow
  • Planned Riding—’tick list’ or ‘holistic’?
  • Progress vs Restraint—how close is well judged to “oops”?
  • Overtaking—progress or restraint?
  • Practicing Skills—how do we get better?
  • Conclusions—winding up the course

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Monday, October 15, 2007

The First Environmentalists?

Joan and Robert - it's a hard rain that's gonna fall.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

BMW Herald

My successful second tour of Woodley on successive Sundays at least was rewarded with a cheery welcome "are you lot still at it?" and a waived entrance fee at the Berkshire Aviation Museum. Some interesting stuff displayed there - the gyrodyne helicopter is quite unique (the main rotor blades were powered by little jets in the tips).
Operational notes:
Encouraging news: Low fuel warning light does work - the bad news is there's only 2l remaining contents - call that a reserve??

Clarkson Claptrap

I don't want to be rude Jeremy but surely you have produced enough - now you are all at it, James and Richard too. I even saw the motoring thoughts of Boris at the airport book shop. Who buys this stuff?

Friday, October 12, 2007

Prick of the Week

2 floors below Macca you were doing the Am Drams proud.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Babel Fish "translates" a German insurance claim....

open brook Damage caused by water Nr.:88407187/ 101 BBV insurance

Dear Mr. Jung,

gladly I answer the questions to them to the damage course of events after best knowledge and certain.

Ad 1) when installed the company Frensch the dishwasher of KW onto the WW- line?

Mr. Frensch and Mr. Vangioni were to 13.7.07 of 10:15 17:00 o'clock here and too secondly worked. I had service, my nut/mother was in the house. Mr. Frensch and Mr. Vangioni move freely in the house and you are permanently controlled here, I cannot not say, what one worked.
Mr. Frensch was to 20.7.07 of 10:45 - 16:45 o'clock here in the house. It little things made, with the waterclock, with handwashsink etc., I had service and has it not seen which it does not make, my nut/mother was in the house and has sometimes after Mr. Frensch looked, since you also must settle things in the house.
Mr. Frensch was to 28.8.07 of 13 18 o'clock in the house and differently discharges worked on here. Thus it attached z. B the single kitchen under the roof to the discharge and sealed the wash basin in the blue bath with white silicone (outside). This it showed me personal, because I was there, I had a physician date and came in former times of the work as otherwise.
Mr. Frensch criticized himself over the connection of the dishwasher at KW line, this is no "German standard" and without my permission, this connection changed! This must have taken place at 13.7., 20,7 07 or 28.8.07, I had in each case night duty at the 13.7 and 20.7.07. My nut/mother reports to me that about the warm water, which is fed over the solar plant it was spoken with my nut/mother. Mr. Frensch says: "it is so unfortunate, which was not used in the best way the hot water, then the heating with this water was also not fed, I the wrong heating machine would have been gotten, one can however the hot water for the dishwasher use". Thus the connection was exchanged, I came at night from the work and was posed before "completed facts".

The kitchen became of my friend, "Nikos", which lives in England, on the long weekend 01,3. - 04.03.07 and on weekend 17./ 18 3 07 inserted. It is Dipl.Ing. for electronics, mechanics and Aeronauitic and in Oxford studied, moreover it is trained as an engineer for airplane machines with Rolls- Royce. It has to attach the knowledge and the capacity a dishwasher duly. The machine was used by me rarely, ran however perfectly without damage caused by water. Understandably was nods hereditary east, which Mr. Frensch everything changed, which functioned: I had to pay also still expensively.

Ad 2) credit it seen that company Frensch, in person of the Mr. Frensch, whom silicone drop inserted into the water pipeline for KW (chilled water)?

Ad 3) of case the company Frensch this plug did not bring in, has you an explanation for the presence of this plug who could these have brought in?

No, I did not see this, since I work by day as a lady doctor. My nut/mother did not see this also, since you permanently beside Mr. Frensch it cannot stand in addition Mr. Frensch already once over the fact criticized itself that my nut/mother checks again and again, which the workers drive in such a way. (we had very bad experiences with workers, and Mr. Frensch and Mr. Vangioni are very slow and very expensive). It is not an hour proof note February 07 was delivered.

Only who is to have inserted the silicone except Mr. Frensch into the hose connector screwed onto the tap of the chilled water line?? How already mentioned live does my friend Nick Laskaris in England, why he should do a so illogical, consequence-fraught thing as a trained engineer? Why should I do silicone potting in such a way into that, on the tap screwed on, hose connector or my nut/mother? A correct screw-type cap cost only 3, 95 € ?!! I was gladly that I can live slowly in a normal house, I am as a lady doctor a very hard working Mrs., I need a normal dwelling to be able to recover a cosy at home around me from the work and my very responsible work duly, for the well-being of humans, I work with LIVES and DEATH, to complete. Why should I destroy my nearly finished house voluntarily???? Why should my heart-ill nut/mother do this, those to peace needs??

Mr. Frensch forgets again and again material, I must then wait, until can be continued, I must the Arrivals/departure costs expensively pay, with the next time has he again something forget. Thus z. B runs. Waterclock already since eternities backwarts, because he again and again the wrong "direction change-over switches", how he says, has!! Why e.g. Mr. Frensch cannot have forgotten "simply" the correct screw-type cap for KW of line, it was to date on the tap of the chilled water line the screwed on hose connector! So it has f.e.. "fast times" "silicone into the hose connector inserted", and wanted to correct this with the next time, has it however times again forget? This would be a possible explanation. Further company or installation is not here busy.
To mention is, Mr. Frensch, as would above describe, with a substance, which looks like silicone, also the discharge of the wash basin in the blue bath "sealed" from the outside has, this can one see still. Why Mr. Frensch forbade to me (I am the owner of house!) To show the strange damage. He said: "it wants to see and photograph first the damage". I asked myself that, and said, first the insurance, and/or your adjustment office had to see Jung GmbH the damage. The eve of your coming on the part of Mr. Frensch a telephone terror was operated, the telephone rang to ca.10x. What did it want to aim at thereby? As a Mr. Frensch permitted was on the next day to be come to come i.e. then, even if you are before places, came he not, he came not to the agreed upon date. (a witness: Mr. Naumann, and it Mr. Jung).

Ad 4) when was exactly the damage day and to which time the damage by whom was determined?

The damage day is Sunday of the 16.9.07. My nut/mother and Nikos were in England and for me with the car an old iron bed with mattress bring along. They arrived over Belgium at 12 o'clock to 15.9.07 at Wiesbaden. I made a beautiful midday meal (roast with supplement) cooked. We ate comfortably on the balcony. Because so much table-ware had resulted, we wanted to use the dishwasher. Nikos the dishwasher granted and employed. Everything functioned normally. We held a Siesta and undertook then a bicycle route. At 23:00 o'clock I eliminated the machine. Over approx.. 2 o'clock was at night my nut/mother in the kitchen and which to drink got itself. Against 4 my friend in the half sleep water heard, thought however it would rain and continued to sleep. I did not hear and slept nothing at all through. At 8 o'clock in the morning to 16.9.07 my friend wanted to cook the and saw the damage. He closed the taps under the rinse, it came for water from the KW line. We caught immediately to
the water on to wipe, the tenants Mueller, Mr. Frensch (it acknowledged only at 15 o'clock!) to inform and Mr. Naumann. When wiping I discovered the silicone small sausage. We have to reconstruct then the act course of events tried. At 18 o'clock Nikos had to go to the airport /Ffm, since its machine flew to England at 19 o'clock.

Ad 5) who has the dishwasher on this day switched on and opened the inlet for the water?

My friend Nikos the dishwasher granted and employed. He means that he only controlled the inlet. At this time nothing was noticeable to it.

Ad 6) was not used the dishwasher, since the assembly by the company Frensch, therefore he was taken for the first time in enterprise, since the assembly?

After Mr. Frensch made the change, i.e. the waterbringing of KW line attached to the WW- line, it it once briefly tried (my nut/mother says). We again used it then only to 15 9 07.

It stands firmly that the master for sanitary -, heating engineering and installation Mr. Frensch the functioning connections of my friend without my consent changed. It took the waterbringing of KW line to the WW- line, for ecological reasons, forwards. KW of line became secured only with a hose connector screwed onto the tap, which was locked with a silicone small sausage. That ARRANGES was not used would have had to be used screw-type cap by the master Fresch, however, if the work had been completed correctly. Would the CORRECT screw-type cap, that costs at PRAKTIKER 3, 95 € , attached, would have I now not this mad damage. Since I assume a master makes correct, good work, I did not check naturally, which one can make for me in addition, not reproach.
No other company or installation was in this house.
My friend Nikos was in England and came once to 26.7. - 29.7.07 with its son Christopher and to 15.9.-16.9 07 to attendance, here, the iron bed recovered brought and NO work at the house made, since no need was there in addition, it was here everything so far finished! My nut/mother did not make installation works (cannot do you also) and I am most time at working and nightshifting "to push", I am glad, if I may recover finally times on weekend!

The damage will ever larger, the cover of the kitchen molders and we sit here and to become ill. I hope that the work can begin immediately.

With friendly greetings

Monday, October 1, 2007

Until next week, you are all my sunshine.

Just get me reception of XM's Deep Tracks Channel on Wednesday evenings PLEASE.
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