Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Spectacular

Tomkin's trying the new festive toilet for size!
Have a good one everybody!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Motorrad-Tagestouren mit Cheesecake

Whilst spending time in the ferry queue at Venice I spotted a Wiesbaden * motorcycle with a particularly ergonomic fuel cock and engeaged the owner with small talk.  Anyhow, one thing lead to quite a few others, and during October we met up and went for a ride in the Taunus hills.  Unfortunately I don't quite remember where we went as Greg, likes to do U turns!

At Greg's workshop he is a ξυλουργός and a Triumph

Where have all the fuel cocks gone?  Long time passing! de Havilland Triumph Trident.

Leaving Biebrich we head for the hills following  Greg's Triumph Trident

Some time later following 3 U turns  we manage to find a parking at Feldberg, a beauty spot high in the Taunus adorned with radiation. 

I don't think that the local trees survive the radiation blast from

...this array of transmitting aerials!

Hanky-panky in the rough
 As this place was a veritable zoo we moved on to a Schloss for Kaffee und Kuchen

Convenient helmet park

Unfortunately the camera gave up the ghost at this stage but here is a very nice looking example of a toffee apple cheecake.

 Some weeks later the weather remains brilliant and so we performed a Rhine visit.

A forlorn site as winter approaches. Fewer bikes remain at my parking area.

The ride to Bennos Truck Stop proved a challenge as the road was closed in part but we made it in the end to Kaub
Bennos is not busy for a Sunday.

Mr Benno detecting my English demeanour directs me by the tannoy system to the "gents"   -"second door on ze left und prez zee button"

Mrs N kits up by the majestic Rhine

And so to hibernation.

*advantage to
German registration system where home town is clearly evident
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