Sunday, September 6, 2015

Let's Take a Break at Brake and Look at the River Weser

Or, in other words, I embark on another Blitzmotorradtourinbeschissenenwetter. Mrs N. was stationed (during August) at Brake unter Wese in Lower Saxony and I went to pay a visit.

This year I endeavoured to make Holland appear interesting by adopting a northern route across the north of the Ijselmeer on the 32 km dam, the Afsluitdijk.

The proverbial lack of helmet hair and flag selfy - I took the P&O ferry from Hull to Rotterdam - this is my 3rd journey on this route which is convenient from my home in NW England (cutting out the drag of the journey to the Channel ports)..

On the poop deck admiring the weather

We arrive at Rotterdam Europort the next morning - scooters on the way to a rally at Venlo predominate

Hassle free Europort

Tomtom took me on a tour of the Hague and finally we headed west past Amsterdam and then North to the weather. A rain shower at Hoorn necessitated a pit stop.

This, according to news reports,  is new family concept McDonalds at Hoorn

More reliable than Meteoblue, the cows predict rain

And I recall the small snack at Hoorn.
Afsluitdijk. - this must be the geezer who designed it.

Afsluitdijk. pit stop on the 32km 130kph dyke but no time as I was escaping a troublesome weather front

Some miles to go...

Looking for Maja's place

Maja's place

A cycling boat tour might be possible.

Wese fishing

The Admiral Brommy pub looks a little uncared for...

Admiral Brommy's tomb stone could do with some attention too.
Mostly little people

Here we are

Possibly the largest bike the world,

Sputnik inspired church tower

Strange magic in the sky

We wonder if this supermarket chain is inspired by Islam
On Saturday morning we decide to cycle along the river path North towards Bremerhaven.

The town is protected by flood gates

Interesting architechture

Party preparation

Atomic power

Indeterminate weather forecast

Thatch roof and tile apex

the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence

Friendly dog

Obedient friendly dog

This must be the ladies

Here is the gents

Best use of a hulk

Sailing boat converted from a U boat?

Beach - why go to Majorca?

We make it to Nordenham - a town that appears to have seen better days

We followed this train from Brake - due to saddle sore we thought of returning on it

Bahnhofstr 11 Nordenham

Lunch at the only riverside place - pricey shrimps, raw fish and spuds

Ditto less the shrimps.

Waiting for the ferry back to Brake 

The good ship Oceana arrives eventually

Leaving Nordenham

A drunken man from Bremen on a booze cruise

Heading up river towards Bremen

The bike deck
in the next episode.....Sunday, cycle ride south...wet weather so we drove to Bremerhaven .
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