Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hellfirepass Summer Frolick Shock Horror Rain Dance up Thundermountain International Blog Fest

I joined the Buxton Motorcycle Club in early August  and here we all are somewhere lost in Staffordshire on a rare dry August evening.
And here is Richard fellow but nonetheless accomplished blogger on our first breakfast international blogfest meeting and ride out event at Dolgellau prounounced Dolgethly..
I thought we were riding the "Mach Loop" but it turned out to be the Hellfire pass - most scenic.
Back in Cheshire the potatoes arrive,
as do the workman who dig to lay a new gas pipe.
Danny Hulme's F1 car appears in my local Mclaren showroom - no price advertised.
Later in Germany the annual family ride out takes place on a dry Satuday: Here in the Donnersbergkreis my brother in law is displaying happiness.
Mrs N is clearly relishing the break from riding pillion on a Rotax powered single cylinder motorcycle.
Obligatory view of motorcycles obscuring nice scenery (almost).
Nice view of river Nahe.
Wiesbaden Folklore Festival - some bint dressed up in a Martian suit accosts me.
My favourite shop in Wiesbaden - furniture made from old Boeing aircraft trimmed in soft brown leather...nice!
I don't think that Antony Gormley is responsible for these blue sheep adorning the Kur House lawn - they don't look like him for a start.
A quick flit through Wesel again on my way to Hamburg Airport - the mayor likes plastic asses apparently. 
At Duisburg station there is  a model railway to play with whilst waiting for the connection!
The train to Hamburg is operated by HKX and they use old fashioned but comfortable rolling stock.  50% cheaper than DB too!
Coming next month:  A blog with a shorter title.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Alternative Olympic Activities

Here are some of the antedote to Olympian activities undertaken by the intrepid and at times obtuse NW Team during the extravaganza "darn sarf":

A visit the Menai straights separating Wales and Anglessey

These are dive sites - we are heading to Puffin Island to look at seals

Interlude - this BMW R1150 cylinder head is for sale - offers please.

Here is Mrs N wearing my early 90's discarded bike gear at the Yondermann cafe somewhere North East of Buxton

Here is Mr N  at the Yondermann cafe somewhere North East of Buxton standing around with a wet arse in the perpetual drizzle (it was sunny when we departed from Knutsford haha).

Bakewell tart actually being eaten quite close to Bakewell at the Yondermann.  Coffee not brilliant but place is biker friendly.

Mrs N became pissed off with the perpetual English summer drizzle so she flew back to mainland Europe - here is my radar system showing her plane taxying off airport to Styal? (check out
And here she goes!
 And meanwhile in mainland Europe:
Three nice juicy home grown toms

Someone has to turn the handle.

Ronny has a new identity

Rock music in the woods near Mainz.  You must pay for the drinks but the pot smoke appeared to be free.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Carry on Down the Rhine - Wesel

I  had no idea that Joachim von Ribbentrop was born in Wesel.  In fact due to my limited recall of famous German diplomats I had thought that he was the lead character in Cabaret. I had the opportunity to visit Wesel recently where Mrs N was dispensing her knowledge.

A stroll along the Rhine at sunset. Behind me the River Lippe has just confluenced.
This is the 3% of 1945 Wesel that was not obliterated in 1945.
This is a viewing balcony adjacent to the rail bridge scuttled by the German Army in retreat in 1945 - the tradition of padlocking one's hearts desire to the railing is a new one to me.
Sweet, Alpha loves Tools, and...
Sarah fancies Peter.
Sheep may safely gaze, but why no red eye?
Back at the bike park in Wiesbaden a Frenchman has arrived.
I take Ronny 650 for a TuV test to see whether she is healthy enough to be registered in Germany.
Oh no, an emissions test, not fair on a 11 year old smoker
Success - I think.  Next step is to obtain a German number plate.....
Leading link front suspension?
Bicycle parked under a sign post.
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