Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The same procedure as last year, Mrs Nikos?

The same procedure as every year, Nikos!

 yes, it's carnival time again helau helau helau................

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mystery Tour Magical Competition!

1. Over what city do these wind generators produce air flow?
2. Name this place

3. Where would you end up if you passsed this place?

4.  What fanous aviator/aviatrix  flew a Tiger Moth through this hoop?

5.  How much does a Ginster's pasty cost on this ferry?

6. Name the gasometer.

7. Why does a spam sandwich cost £13.45 in this place?

8.  Name Biggles' copilot.

9. In the pop world why is this place famous?.

10.  Name the missing engines.
An exclusive prize will be awarded for the entry showing the most originality.  The editor's decison is binding and probably final - good luck to you all!
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