Monday, June 24, 2013

Hello David Spiegelhalter

On 12th April 2013 at 10:30 I booked a series of flights from Manchester (England) to Weeze (Germany) for a long weekend visit to Mrs N on location leaving on 20th June and flying via Edinburgh on a slightly round the houses route so that I would arrive close to Kleve (neer Weeze).

On 18th June I heard a radio programme where David Spiegelhalter was discussing micro morts, unlikely events and coincidences. Interesting I thought, 6 miles on a motorcycle  = 2000 miles in a plane or 1 cup of Ryanair tea...1 micromort.

On 20th June at Edinburgh airport  I sat down at gate 19 next to a couple who were busy minding their own business. Strange, I thought, I recognise them from photographs on a blog that I have enjoyed following for some years:  I say  "You Sonja and Roland me Nikos".

Eventually, when Sonja picked herself up off the floor we flew together to Weeze in our prebooked seats next to each other!

Some time later:-

I am very kindly offered a lift in a rather nice Audi and Mrs N is revealed at work.

Some time later still:-

No reflection on the company - I have super fast reacting eyelids!

It was great to meet such nice people! 

A somewhat better account can be found here. And I forgot to do the lottery.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Visit Oxford Photo Competition

Spot the leaping deer:

Spot the Andrew Gormley:

In other places up North spot the Boeing Dreamliner:

Sorry that the nose got cut off but hard to hold camera at 20X zoom.

The stuffed Tatton deer:

Mrs N's meatballs in egg and lemon sauce:

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