Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Turkish Coffee in Arcadia

I don't prescribe to this PC nonsense about calling Turkish Coffee Ελληνικός καφές: Rather avoid the situation and specify it by the degree of sweetness - here is a perfect example of a pair of "sketos".

A Boat in Arcadia

Mr Slaters Parrot 5 pointing towards the sea

Well we managed it, that ruddy boat has arrived in a garden in Arcadia (in fact the garden of Mrs N's delightful mountain retreat 3000ft high in the mountains). The sea is almost visible from this elevated resting place although the neighbours do not realise that that r boat does not work anymore due to a duff battery. This that r boat (actually now tinged with green moss and general crud) had been resident for several seasons in my Mother's garden in County Wexford until she decided to move to England last February. It then spent some months in a friend's garden in Surrey before a brief sojourn in a barn in Germany. Somewhere along the line "that ruddy boat" has been properly named after a parrot and registered as a "small ship" in England in an attempt to thwart Greek bureacracy.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Trucking through Europe

It's 4am and so we must be somwhere between St Gothard and Milan.

Another Nikos World(TM) spectacular mission, this operation involved a non-stop dash from Camberley through Dover and Dunkirk, Brussels,
Mainz, Wiesbaden to Ancona to catch the ferry to Patras towing a broken down boat on an allegedly troublesome trailer*.

This mission replaced the much discussed motorcycle tour of Southern Greece, the reasons being far too torrid to discuss here.

*Proven to be false as for once nothing fell off and the dodgy tyre did not delaminate as predicted.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Information Position Speed Gear Acceleration every Trip

The usual gathering of convivial bikers at Broxton Services - the end point of an observed run come rain or sun

Essential fuel for the written assessment from my observer

Miserable leering git on some far eastern sports bike parked next to my tractor

And so the fifth observed run of my IAM advanced motorcycling course and we visit Shropshire and the bunting at Ellesmere seduces me into almost missing the left turn - no time for a life saver as I turn indicate and brake simultaneously. Naturally there is no time for sight seeing as I try desperately to "make progress".
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