Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lovely Boating Weather

Well, it was so last September in the Aegean sea. ****LISTEN****

The NW team took to the high seas and only conked out twice or so.

Typical local boats.

This is where my boat has remained for three years or so.

We dumped it here in the harbour.
I raise the Royal Ensign... then we begin sea trials.

Cutting a wedge through the Aegean, we head for a secluded cove for skinny dipping -;)

On the way home, Mrs N receives a driving lesson!
The fuel cock/cheesecake story is coming soon.....

Friday, October 26, 2012

Mainly Cats

A big feature of our annual holiday stay in Mrs Nikos Hellenic Towers (a.k.a. The Eagles Nest) is that any visiting cat is given food.  Such is the life at Pussy Paradise that the word soon gets round and whole families of cats pitch up.

Here are Mr and Mrs Ginger el Greco.  They soon brought this Summer's progeny for supervised free grub.

I did question the morality of feeding the cats when so many Greeks claim to be in poverty - Mrs N's view is at least the cats do something useful in keeping the rodents away.

In other news:
Fearing a tsunami in the Naplion region, ταχύς the tortoise makes for high ground.
Leaf poses next to a leaf.

In the next installment I may tell you how the examination of a fuel cock in Venice lead to cheesecake in the Taunus mountians.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 2 -Things Naughtical

So far on blogoshere world timeline we have not arrived at our summer holiday destination.  I'm sorry about that but my PC has been playing up and only logging me in on a temporary basis. This appears to be a feature of Windows 7 but eventually I found out where my files had been hidden.

Here is one of many shots of Venice leaving on a car ferry to Greece: 
Pink balloons give us a send off and remind us how good it is to be healthy

This unusually named tug helped us manouver through the lagoon channel 
Under glorious alto cirrus we head for the open Adriatic.
 The Kriti 2 car ferry was  state of the art when built in Japan in 1979 (and operated by the Shit-Nipponkai Ferry company until 1995) and provided many amenities and activities provided for the 36 hour juddering and shaking voyage South.

1. Plastic chairs too uncomfortable to sit on for more than 5 minutes.
2. Camping deck
3. Empty swimming pool and 2 funnels painted with "ANEK" logos.
4. Spectacular lower deck hanky-panky to watch whilst eating souvlaki
5. Unprecedented view from my open air bedroom
6. On demand video entertainment (subject to bringing it yourself)
7. A Greek Orthodox chapel dedicated to my name Saint is located on the mezzanine deck next to the duty free shop.
8. The route may be studied to detect any discernible progress on the navigator's PC.

Eventually we arrive in Greek waters and the crew deem it safe to raise the old Royal ensign.
In the next episode Mr Slater's Parrot 5 comes good after 3 years up a mountain.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


The 2013 BMW R1200GS WATERCOOLED has been spotted at a secret location near the NW Worldwide headquarters (32 Windsor Gardens. West Droitwich, Nr. Benghazi, Albanian Republic).
This evolutionary update to the ever popular world beating motorcycle is sure to cost a lot and create nauseous hype and frenzy on Kevin's forum.

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