Wednesday, October 3, 2012


The 2013 BMW R1200GS WATERCOOLED has been spotted at a secret location near the NW Worldwide headquarters (32 Windsor Gardens. West Droitwich, Nr. Benghazi, Albanian Republic).
This evolutionary update to the ever popular world beating motorcycle is sure to cost a lot and create nauseous hype and frenzy on Kevin's forum.


  1. Somehow I am thinking the new model might be more efficient that the hand held cooling model you are showing, lol.

  2. To Trobairitz...maybe that is the meatball eaters way of pulling the wool over our eyes?

  3. How much is the hi-viz watering can option?

  4. I am always fond of something that causes a bit of an overheated frenzy.

  5. Nikos,
    Is this an elliptical way of saying that there is a new Teutonic form of transport in the Nikos World, or wil be shortly???

  6. ...unfortunately I lost the spray head and the overheating frenzy is too localised.
    Theconversion kit will reratail for $4.99 and Geoff, sadly no.
    Lori and Brandy: could I pull the wool over your eyes??

  7. Dear Sir:

    I had forgotten your arid but biting sense of humor.

    I have forwarded this blog episode to the political arm of the Schnitzel Riders group and they should be visiting you shortly — probably about 1am on a moonless night.

    There is no satisfaction in poking fun at people who have no sense of the punchline. You'd have much better luck prodding the "K" bike riders group.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  8. LOL @ the hanky panky.


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