Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cockpit Fairing

The lower brackets do not seem to fit - Not so clever Wunderlich!

To Begin at the Beginning

Umm err...a chronicle of improvements to a 1998 BMW R1100R. The story so far encompasses lowered foot pegs, extended gear lever and built-up seat.

Nutrition of Delight

ΣΠΑΝΑΚΟΤΥΡΟΠΙΤΑ – spanakotirópita - Cheese and Spinach Pie – Recipe of Kurios Manolis, Diros Restaurant, Xenophon Street, Athens.


1 kilo. spinach – washed and broken, if leaves are large

300 grams feta cheese - crumbled (sheep or cow’s milk feta ; Feta Dodonis is the best)

3 medium-size eggs – lightly whipped

4 or 5 spring onions – chopped

1 dry onion – chopped

a handful of dill

olive oil for frying etc.


In a large pan – fry dry chopped onions in plenty of olive oil and then add the washed spinach and the spring onions. Simmer in the oil until the spinach is soft.

Take off the heat. Add the cheese and eggs.

Add the dill.

Use a large baking dish. The Greek ‘tapsi’ is a metal baking pan, about 25cm by 40 cm (but mine is smaller and works well)

Brush the bottom and sides with olive oil.

Use filo pastry, which you may have had to defrost. Keep the roll loosely wrapped in a damp towel, so that the pastry does not dry out.

Use a thin layer at a time and spread out in the pan, like sheets spread out on a bed and overhanging the edges. Thoroughly oil the bottom and side of every second sheet.

After you have laid six or seven sheets ( about half the total), fill with the mixture.

Then wrap over the sheets on all four sides, so that they lie flat around the edges of the filling.

On top of this place one sheet folded double. Then brush over with olive oil.

Continue with single sheets until you have used up all of them.

Tuck in all the sides, lifting the ‘package’ so that you can get the edges tucked underneath. Do not be afraid! Even if a little of the filling spills out, it will not matter.

Finish with a brushing of olive oil over the top and a sprinkling of cold water.


In the oven for three quarters of an hour. 200˚ or Gas Mark 6.

Shake tin to know if ready. (NB This does not always work!)

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to London Heathrow Terminal 4a

Either a trouser browning realisation in the flight deck that there's "nothing on the clocks but the maker's name" followed by exceptional piloting skills or some flight deck dozing incompetence of monumental proportions followed by a dose of trouser browning exceptional luck. In any event if you can walk away it's a landing (as my flying instructor used to tell me).

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Try a Trike

My test run excursion on the potential MY GREAT VISION was cut short by the inability to see much in bright sun light - call it visor glare, call it bladder capacity syndrome. Anyhow, I pulled in at Newlands Corner for a caffeine replacement session and whilst parked a gorgeous R1200R trike came to chat to pMGV. The equally gorgeous motocicliste owner explained how safe she was as she did not fall over. Never mind all that - she has a much cuter butt than a Renault Megane.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Something for the Weekend Sir

This minor miracle will be the first nurdle with MY GREAT VISION.

Pig Worship

Friday, January 4, 2008


The Fog on the Rhine is All Mine

Apologies to Lindisfarne.

Aspirations for 2008

1) To lower my carbon footprint
2) Not to own one of these
3) Lose 5kg

Ted the Virgin Birth Shock Horror

All we are missing are the three wise goats....
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