Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Balkan Bumblings 2018

May 2018 - a road trip through Serbia to Greece and back through Albania and Italy.

Serbia, Danube River Novi Sad taken from Petrovaradin where we stayed in the majestic Hotel Leopold along with a badminton team from Istanbul

Danube by day 

Novi Sad 

Statue of Jaša Tomic, politician, publicist, journalist,with notorious itchy nose on Dunavska street

Someone else is doing the driving....south to Thessaloniki
 Now in Greece.
Greek Merperson, our friend painted this.

Nice in May, the dandelions are about to spawn

Down at Astros harbour

A revisit to Spetses Island some decades on...I wish we hadn't

Old mansion in Spetses town - only nice bit.

Mountains near Astros - Grom and BMW overland adventures - we ride through a monastery
 Due to a strike by Greek border officials we had to leave 2 days earlier than planned and so our stop in Albania was prolonged.
Homeward bound in Albania - I didn't milk our friends cow.

Durres port - ferry to Bari, Italy - looks like a giant tank landing craft: Adria Line A/F Marina.

Near Bari we visit a castello.

Hexagonal structure built during the 1240s by Frederick ll

Further to an overnight stop at Belinzona we get stuck at Gt. St Bernard Tunnel ... we went over the pass instead.

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