Friday, January 28, 2011

Yorkshire Caviar

It continues to entertain me that any trip however short on a 15 year old wheezing and popping BMW K75 motorcycle leads to all wonder of discoveries and new experiences (other than near death experiences and freezing nadgers).

Why, only last weekend I was attempting a modest 10 mile trip  in pursuit of pie and peas at my second Northern Section BMW Club meeting. These events appear to be gatherings of enthusiasts of both sexes and the range of conversations is wide including free bus passes, camping adventures in Beddgellert in February and the Nurburgring.  The Greeks have a delightful way of describing these folk:

Καρποί με κέλυφος από κάθε είδος των καρπών με κέλυφος δένδρο.

So, what is all this about? 

Discovery 1: My GPS battery ran down within 100 yards of home and that I can catch the device when it falls off the bike at speed. Here is where it used to be. 

Discovery 2: The Manchester Ship canal has a toll bridge that any normal person would avoid by using the M6 Motorway and the wind swept Thelwall Viaduct.  The toll man waved me through with a cheery 2 finger salute as I had failed to find 12p whilst a queue of 30 cars built up behind me.

Discovery 3: The village of Rixton does not actually exist and therefore there are no sign posts pointing towards it.  The reason that the Village Hall is called “Rixton Village Community Hall” escapes me.

Discovery 4:  Pie and mushy peas - mushy peas is known playfully as Yorkshire Caviar.

I was struck the other day by the remarkable resemblance of mushy peas (aka Yorkshire Caviar) and slurry. One tastes disgusting and the other is most probably disgusting. Are they related by any chance? 

Mushy Peas


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tool of the Week

This prize goes to the angle grinder fitted with wire brush - removed paint, encrusted goat shit and a whole lot more from the GS engine protection bars within minutes.

Second prize goes to the wheelie bin, without which I would probably have lost a few limbs.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Monkey Business

Beatlemania - can you see yourself there?

The White Feather Exhibition - when in Liverpool worth a visit to see an original Honda monkey bike.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Life' s only a Hot Air Balloon

NW Man Lab (Wiesbaden Branch) is pleased to announce the successful launch of 2011 with hot air and tissue paper brought to life with some tar like glutinous paper.

Following previous near catastrophic rocket firings, I have been advised by my legal team to bring in the New Year with hot air rather than gun powder.

Happy New Year!
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