Monday, October 28, 2013

A City of Brick Elephants and Borgwards

This weekend I went to Bremen. Mrs N was attending a seminar and I decided to freeload on all the nice food. I therefore had some time to stroll autumally around  this city between meals.

A lunar park appeared next to the hotel.

A precession through the city was going on and in best Hanseatic tradition wind comes before electric traction

A rather nice Isabella panzer car

A fine brick elephant in the park near the hotel - I thought  this was a Buddist convenience but my attempts at locating the entrance came to nil.

Somewhere over the jagged brickwork and up the River Wese is the Beck's brewery

A rather fetching Autumn scene  by the River Wese

A duck swimming.

Mühle Am Wall - this is a smock mill according to wikipedia

I must look up the significance of this trumpeting statue

Some sort of religious building in the Domhof? 

This is the weekend that the clocks went back (and forth)

Trams here function despite leaves.

I then made a spectatularly multi-modal journey to England by BSAG tram, Ryanair aeroplane, Great Anglian train, London Transport underground train, Virgin pendolino (a train), Northern rail  wheezing "train"  and BMW motorcycle.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Tale of Two Sunday Ride Outs in October

There is no explict reference in the Urban Dictionary to "ride out", although "sunday driver" receives quite some attention:

A motorist who engages in any number of dilatory driving techniques that recklessly slow down traffic, including but not limited to: driving below the speed limit, slowing down more than once on a city block while looking for a parking spot, waiting for a pedestrian to finish traversing the entire walkway before turning, or remaining stopped after a light turns green. Sunday drivers often claim to be driving defensively but in fact their driving is offensive and aggitates normal commuters.

Sunday Ride Out1 organised by a local BMW Motorrad dealer masquerading as a Harley franchise promised to be a scenic 149 mile ride along autumn-leaved byways in the Derbyshire Dales.  In practice over 38 motorcycles departed Chester aka Ellesmere Port  and were lead around the scenic vistas of Frodsham for an hour before picking ap another12 souls at a place bearly 7 miles from my home.  The enhanced pack started off  and such was the lack of  safe riding etiquette in its midst I peeled off at Jodrell Bank for home.

According to the write up subsequently posted the group less one had a magnificent time visiting the Manifold Valley, the Yonderman Inn and some of them got home a week later.
 Sunday Ride Out 2 was much better thank you very much. In fact is was on a Saturday.

Here we are in Yorkshire, starting at Ripon
A much smaller group of executive club bikers lead by a Harley Davidson and tail end charlied by a Honda Gold wing, departed the croquet centric Ripon spa hotel for a tour on Dorian's favourite roads.

Croquet practice starts early.
Biking starts a little later after an Ulster fry
The leader's reserve machine - the road king (?) caught fire last month due to a heated seat malfunction
Unsuitable road signs sprouting up everywhere on the Yorkshire moors
Despite the designation Free House one still pays (like Public schools)
A Yorkshire Pudding par excellence
Tail end charly gold wing
Steering tiller
A rather nice sight at the tea stop
Here we are back at the hotel for our Murder Mystery dinner
Still at it on the croquet lawn.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sexy Mechanical Apparatus Spotted Around Knutsford

A PANAVIA Tornado Fighter-Bomber with swing wings - a  magnificent gardening (clearance) tool when reheat kicks in
A somewhat patinered Honda CB250K4 - my dream 371/2 years ago
An immaculate Porsche Speedster with an adequate amount of leg room for my needs.

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