Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Better Class of Loo

Vienna's railed public transport system consists of a comprehensive network of U bahns, S bahns and Trams and some funny linked twin car crossover train/tram things.  Some of the modern trams are street level designs that do not appear to have conventional bogies.  Today's excursion involved taking the S bahn to a nearby town.

Confusingly this is the East branch of the South main station. That's probably why no one we asked knew where it was.

The station is being built in front of our eyes:  This looks to be a temporary station knocked up one Sunday in March by a band of railway enthusiasts.

This is a view looking towards the terminus end - over to the left is presumably the site of  a permanent new South main Station.

This electrical multiple unit looks very nice and probably has electro pneumatic brakes just like the slam door junk used in London up till very recently.

The view through the length of the train - a single interconnected corridor that makes cleaning easy  - see the dayglo clad team?

A better class of loo

The turntable at the place on the name board - not actually required for these modern EMUs but a nice decaying touch redolent of the steam era.

A right hand drive Ural combination.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bollocks to Bismarck Towers - Commonly German Days Out

Introducing an occasional series of underdogs of German Tourism based on the hugely underrated Bollocks to Alton Towers, the cornerstone of Nikos World thoroughly British days out on der BMW Motorrad.

Where better to start than at Waldeck tiger sanctuary somewhere near the Rhine. The cafe is closed and the tigers have just celebrated a birthday.

One of the 240 Bismarck Towers located next to the closed cafe and tiger sanctuary (closed too).

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Things to do part 1

Image taken with intention of  submitting it to but gave up on the idea as it's not really a garage is it?

1) rewire day time running lights to switched ignition circuit ( to avoid draining battery)
2) refit fuel tank to proper position (note to self - let the mechanic change the fuel filter next time)
3) fit extended mirrors bought from nice man in the BMW Club and adjust angle of bars to bring mirrors into line of vision (tip from IAM examiner)
4) remove silly friction lock cruise control as it jams open with heated grip on (yikes.......but I survived)
5) add Nippy Norman's bargain side stand extended to avoid awful loping stance of machine when parked
6) check sat Nav mount powers properly (my dodgy wiring probably)
7) ride?
8) remove wind screen and fit Nikos designed flyscreen to avoid all that nasty noise and buffeting
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