Friday, February 19, 2016

We Go to Walhalla and Eat Meatballs in IKEA

Yes it's true, a flawless journey on an ICE last autumn to Regensburg on the Donau to eat old bratwurst. Walhalla was an unanticipated bonus of near biblical proportions. ICE ran on time. Walhalla seen. Meatballs eaten at IKEA. Good Job Bob. *

The aluminum ICE snakes into view amongst severe visual pollution of steel.

The Danube (Donau) trickles through Regensberg on it's way to the Black Sea - amazing these Euro rivers and bridges

The old banger house serving Germany's oldest (most elderly?) sausages

Love and sauerkraut on a plate

We decided not to stay in Regensberg - a half day there is enough really, so we headed back to Wiesbaden. However nearby Walhalla was  on Mrs N's bucket list as she has seen it from afar form the Autostrada many times .
This place is something like a Dr Who film set and contains 130 busts of time lords  famous Germans  - rather than trot out the spiel here it is ---->CLICK HERE

Unlike the Parthenon, this 17 per long  side  columned beauty place has not my knnowledge ever been used by Turks as a munitions store

A human scale

A bend in the Danube

For the foot fetish community who frequent my blog


I love to see sun rays especially just before we are going to look for a nice pub to eat

Austrians having got lost on the way to Greece to block the rods up in July?

The first time I have actively bombed a photo shoot by doing my silly walks routine - the model is  mortified
We headed off for the surrounding villages to find a nice pub - unfortunately it was either a little too early, or the locals had already heard about us, but they were all closed. we called in at IKEA for lachs and meatballs!

* I once worked with an irritating colleague who used this expression frequently:  It probably originates from a US Do It Yourself show hosted by Kevin whose co presenter Bob manages to build decks and hidden cupboards etc using powered staple guns and vinyl wood effect panels.

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