Thursday, May 30, 2013

Haggis is for Pooves and Canal Action

Further to recent feedback from fellow blogster Jon El Diente of River Thames fame, I thought it proper to show food that the NW team sampled during our recent sojourn in Greece at Orthodox Easter time.

This is a soup made from putrified goat entrails
This is barbequed goat entrails wrapped around a skewer
This is barbequed goat entrails made to look palatable.
The Greeks have a word for barbequed goat entrails and it is κοκορέτσι (lit.: haggis is for pooves).

Preserved cockroaches and olives
Something foraged from a mountainside garnished with goat dung.
Putrified goat dung crunch dessert
In other news:

Within 30s of arriving at the Eagles Nest the cats arrived....
The local shepherdess has bought some new rather fetching pantaloons don't you agree?

Here is a recommended pit stop when returning to Athens just down from the National highway, a placed called Isthmus where the Corinth Canal feeds into the Argo Saronic Gulf.  This is the first time that we have seen a ship pass and that quaint little sinking bridge sink!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Greek Easter in Greece and James May's favourite Car + Insects and Creepy Crawlies Blog Spectacular Feature only for you. Part 1.

One of the benefits I receive as a failed and near geriatric international businessman is the exotic machinery that I receive as rental cars as  a Holiday Autos Preferred customer.  Luckily Mrs N arranged the car rental this year and picked me up at Athens Airport in a Fiat Panda. James May (Top Gear presenter a.k.a Captain Slow) an avid Panda fan states "The one I use the most is my Fiat Panda. If I could have only one [car], I would say my Fiat Panda, though I also have a Porsche 911 and a Rolls-Royce."

Mrs N figuring out where the starting handle is or is it the boot release?
As it is now late we stay at the Holiday Inn next to a petrol station and are entertained by Boris Johnson (Mayor of London) speaking French.

Fantastic view from the hotel window of the spectacular  Mount Hymettus where in  antiquity there was a sanctuary to Zeus Ombrios (Zeus the Rain God)
Fantastic view on the hotel TV of the spectacular clown Boris Johnson Mayor of London speaking French
The next morning we head off under blue skies and a fair wind to Πελοπόννησος.

We drive on the Αττική Οδός passing through the new Arc d'Austerity - a touching tribute to Angela Merkel who will be sending Tornado fighter bombers over to Greece soon with dispensing cannisters stuffed with €50 bank notes
 Soon at Argos we stop at Lidl to load up with essential cat food provisions for the coming week.

Grim discovery that a Lidl shopping trolley is bigger than a Fiat Panda
We arrive at the village.

We are greeted by the cheese maker George who in a former life worked as an RAC patrolman on the A33 Winchester bypass.
Mrs N's village house has been overwhelmened by a giant spider
In the next episode candles are burnt at all ends and I discover a scorpion familly in the cellar.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Could Michael Fish organise an ACU Certified Hill Climb Event on Anglesey?

I give up, could he?

What is certain is that the ever optimistic Frank Melling's weather forecast was roughly accurate (except for the timing).  My photographic apparatus did not adapt well to driving rain, sea fog and cavalcading.

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