Sunday, August 23, 2015

An Infernal Summer

What with die Schwiegermutter having been rushed into hospital at Bad Neuheim for emergency open heart surgery, a full programme of work for Mrs N during the summer period and infernal temperatures in der Mutterland, the immediate familly rallyed around in their usual helpful manner and I became der sprichwörtlichen Hausmann and improvisierte Katze Anbieter und Scheiße klarere Ober.

2 weeks after the surgery we take die Schwiegermutter out of rehab for a cooler evening up the local mountain

That's where we went

This is the lobby of the rehab unit

We strolled in the moon lit park

And here we are admiring Jugendstil sculture at the

Very soon  die Schwiegermutter was released back home much to the relief of the menagerie.

Mummy is home and alive - Two happy tomcats - The female "Misery Guts" was unphazed.



The beautiful blue Rhine


What to do with a vacant shop?

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Midland Air Museum and International Bloggers Meet and Eat

The Midland Air Museum at Coventry Baginton airport presents an ecelctic collection of static aircraft, a museum of curios (including Frank Whittle stuff) and  most importantly a tea room.

I dropped in here on my way to an International Bloggers meeting.

Sir Frank came from Warwickshire, Leamington Spa to be precise.

Sir Frank playing around in his garden shed

Alvis Leonides 9 cylinder radial engine - this is a helicopter version with forced cooling.It was Britain’s last high-power production piston aero-engine when manufacture ceased in 1966

We are in Armstrong-Whitworth territory and here are the remaims of a crashed Whitly previously built at Coventry

William Beardmore and Company had acquired a licence for the use of the Rohrbach principle for stressed-skin construction. Using these principles and drawings supplied by Rohrbach for the RoVI, the Beardmore company designed, what was then a massive all-metal three-engined transport, the Beardmore Inflexible. Here is the wheel!
The first London Airport at Croydon - what this diorama is doing here at Coventry is a mystery but has prompted me to pay a visist to South London.
There are some interesting aircraft on display whose variety  deviates somewhat from the local Armstrong-Whitworth theme.

The Argosy freighter - local lass. The obsernat will note that there vis a classic MG car event taking place under the port wing.

DH 110 Sea Vixen - Hatfield

Fairey Gannet - Hayes Middlesex

There is nothing like the sight of perfectly forme bifurcated ducts to stimulate an anorak.

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 -
Begovoy District, Northern Administrative Okrug, Moscow

EE Lightning - Lancashire

Vickers Viscount 601 - Weybridge Surrey

The author "flying" the Argosy

I decide to blow the hats off the MG enthusiats by increasing power on No.1....
Later that day we have an International Bloggers Meet and Eat...
Highwaylass is eying up a potential dog conveyance in case the Lomax does not make it.

We meet for lunch at what appears to be the spaghetti junction of the Midland's canal network

ScooterBob, Highwaylass, Chris Cope and author in a convivial embrace.

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