Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Boat in Arcadia

Mr Slaters Parrot 5 pointing towards the sea

Well we managed it, that ruddy boat has arrived in a garden in Arcadia (in fact the garden of Mrs N's delightful mountain retreat 3000ft high in the mountains). The sea is almost visible from this elevated resting place although the neighbours do not realise that that r boat does not work anymore due to a duff battery. This that r boat (actually now tinged with green moss and general crud) had been resident for several seasons in my Mother's garden in County Wexford until she decided to move to England last February. It then spent some months in a friend's garden in Surrey before a brief sojourn in a barn in Germany. Somewhere along the line "that ruddy boat" has been properly named after a parrot and registered as a "small ship" in England in an attempt to thwart Greek bureacracy.


  1. 3,000 ft up in the mountains for a boat. Do you know something we don't Nikos? Are you really a reincarnation of Noah?

  2. Mrs Noah, er Mrs Nikos has reported that a preganant cat is looking at the boat with a view to using it as a maternity wing....


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