Monday, September 7, 2009

Information Position Speed Gear Acceleration every Trip

The usual gathering of convivial bikers at Broxton Services - the end point of an observed run come rain or sun

Essential fuel for the written assessment from my observer

Miserable leering git on some far eastern sports bike parked next to my tractor

And so the fifth observed run of my IAM advanced motorcycling course and we visit Shropshire and the bunting at Ellesmere seduces me into almost missing the left turn - no time for a life saver as I turn indicate and brake simultaneously. Naturally there is no time for sight seeing as I try desperately to "make progress".


  1. Aha.. the proud pupil ;O).. only a coffee? looks like diet..... ;O)

  2. Nikos,

    Too bad you missed the sight seeing.... you got my wrong blog buddy... mine is Baron's Life:
    Baron's Life
    You keep looking at Baron's

  3. Isn't half the difficulty remembering how to operate a Beemer's turn signals? :-)

  4. Affer

    Does one need to indicate as an "advanced" BMW rider?


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