Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Motorrad-Tagestouren mit Cheesecake

Whilst spending time in the ferry queue at Venice I spotted a Wiesbaden * motorcycle with a particularly ergonomic fuel cock and engeaged the owner with small talk.  Anyhow, one thing lead to quite a few others, and during October we met up and went for a ride in the Taunus hills.  Unfortunately I don't quite remember where we went as Greg, likes to do U turns!

At Greg's workshop he is a ξυλουργός and a Triumph

Where have all the fuel cocks gone?  Long time passing! de Havilland Triumph Trident.

Leaving Biebrich we head for the hills following  Greg's Triumph Trident

Some time later following 3 U turns  we manage to find a parking at Feldberg, a beauty spot high in the Taunus adorned with radiation. 

I don't think that the local trees survive the radiation blast from

...this array of transmitting aerials!

Hanky-panky in the rough
 As this place was a veritable zoo we moved on to a Schloss for Kaffee und Kuchen

Convenient helmet park

Unfortunately the camera gave up the ghost at this stage but here is a very nice looking example of a toffee apple cheecake.

 Some weeks later the weather remains brilliant and so we performed a Rhine visit.

A forlorn site as winter approaches. Fewer bikes remain at my parking area.

The ride to Bennos Truck Stop proved a challenge as the road was closed in part but we made it in the end to Kaub
Bennos is not busy for a Sunday.

Mr Benno detecting my English demeanour directs me by the tannoy system to the "gents"   -"second door on ze left und prez zee button"

Mrs N kits up by the majestic Rhine

And so to hibernation.

*advantage to
German registration system where home town is clearly evident


  1. Chasing a man on a Triumph......story of my life. But enjoyable.

    Thanks for sharing the pics Nikos. Judging by Mrs. N's smile, iIt looks like you two were having a great time.

    1. Mrs N always seems to like riding especially when there is cheesecake at the end of it!
      On the second trip, along the Rhine, the wind was ferocious - seemed to be the tail end of Sandy!

      Toodle pip, N

  2. Thanks for reminding me how beautiful Germany can be, even this time of the year. Homesick now.

    Still with the baking tray size licence plate?
    WI = Wiesbaden
    N = Nikos
    90 = ??? (can't be your age)

    1. Sorry to cause distress!
      I forget the logic of "90" - could be the max speed with both of us on the 650!

  3. Looks like a lovely trip. I can't help wishing that the admirable Benno had continued his toilet directions a bit further: "....and zen if she does not flush ze first time you have to try to surprize her!"

    1. Luckily Benno's command of the English language matches mine of the Germanic tongue.


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