Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Berliner is No Donut

That depressing time of the year has arrived again aka my Birthday.  People who forget my birthday (many) are able to remember my name day on December 6th , although I can see here that I could claim April 26th too.

Enough of this polite intro banter, I'm now going to display some of my snaps taken whilst spending a weekend in Berlin, a present from the kind Mrs N who was also present.

I travel to the airport in my usual way on a machine made in Berlin.  There is a secret, well lit and relatively secure parking area within 100m of the terminal that  the Airport Information desk says does not exist, rather directing motorcycle parking 5 miles away at a long term car park!

The Iron Curtain as rendered in Berlin - This handy landmark has now vanished and many times I asked Mrs N were we east or west?


German precision matches Japanese

I was most taken by this 35 Ton dame with a gilded pigeon on her head. (Siegessäule)

The Victory Column lady : She has got around a bit known variously as Viktoria, Germania and Soldatenfrau and in 1939 was relocated 1 Roman mile to her present location at der Großer Stern.  We access her through a tunnel.

Viewing platform  - looking down at shadow from Siegessäule

You have to hand it to Anton von Werner, he did a wonderful job here at the base.

The S Bahn crosses the canal.

I'm not sure how you can express currywurst that is already a fast food

The Free University where Mrs N studied

Where Mrs N studied anatomy  - now sadly derelict.

A rare shot of the Author

Why are the red men dancing the Sirtaki?

Dem deutschen Volke - Norman Foster style

And so to bed - quite a large one actually

We stayed in the east at this cranky Kunsty Hotel where ear plugs are supplied due to the proximity of the S Bahn!

Beer drinking self propelled bar.

Spot the obvious mistake

Soon to close, a new airport is being built in the East at the site of Templehof - goodbye Tegel!


  1. Is it really a big bed... or simply a very small woman????

  2. Nikos:

    Your bed shot is so daring. Thank you for your rare portrait, I think I could now spot you in a line-up. but one question, are you the brown one or the green one ?

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. What was the green one? Thank you for the tour! I have never been to Europe so i really enjoy posts such as these.


  5. Re the mistake in the pictures of the books, was it:

    John Major :Leader of the Free World , or

    A Hilter: The fall of Paris or,what I did in my Summer Holidays ?

  6. Nikos,
    Does access to the secret motorcycle parking location require a secret handshake accompanied by a rolled-up Gore-Tex trouser leg?

  7. Thank you for the nice colletion of randomness, and happy belated B-day by the way.
    My grandma lived right across from Tegel airport. I haven't been in Berlin since the late 90's but I would like to visit. So much has changed.
    I could never really agree with the Siegessaeule. It looks too much of a reminder of the Nazi era to me.

    I miss the red Berliner Weisse and Currywurst!!!

    I love the bed!!!

    And John Major is the obvious error.

  8. Awesome batch of photos. Not only was that bed big, but so many pillows.

    Thanks for sharing all the photos for those of us that haven't made it across the pond yet.

  9. It is all very secretive.....I have never been to Germany, not that unusual when you come from the bottom of the bloody world. Bed looked good though....

  10. Ms Blue: Both

    Bob: Neither

    Richard M: Something from the forest that I could not understand the translation of: It tasted like dentist's mouthwash.

    Young Dai: John Major wtf is he doing on the same table as world leaders?

  11. Geoff: Absolutely! However there is an awkwardly positioned steel manhole cover on the entry path in to the secret location underneath the upramp for T1 that always catches me out!

    SONJA: Thanks. I did not associate the Siegessaule so much with the fascists but rather as a symbol of the only foreigners that Germany has won a war against i.e. the French! But I see that you are appeasing their hospitality in your blog...

  12. Trobairitz: Come on over before we all go completely bankrupt!

    Roger: Shush....don't mention the war

  13. Happy Birthday! May the guilded pigeon not foul your cake.

    I am intruiged by the rolling beer cart. Self propelled? Why would you want to pedal while drinking?

  14. Dear Nikos:

    The last time I was in Berlin, I stayed in a Kunsty sort of hotel too. Instead of a concierge, it had a madame, if you get my drift.

    The bed I had was big too, but it had five women in it — standard equipment.

    What would have possessed you to order a large glass of green urine?

    More text is needed when the pictures are like these.

    Fondest regards,

  15. Happy Birthday, Nikos!!

    I still love your GS. I'm repelled by the green beer, but happy you managed to get your mug in the shot. ;) And I think I can just about fit that bed in my bedroom. I'll take it!

  16. First of all, happy birthday, Nikos. I woke up last week and my wife wished me the same. All I could say was, "Is that today? Thanks."

    Looks like a great trip, I can appreciate that you didn't reveal the site of your secret lair/parking spot.

    Behind Bars

  17. Irondad: beats me but they appeared to be British.

    Jack: words defeat me sometimes - it's all powerpoint these days.

    Lori: Thanks!

    V Star Lady: Thanks for dropping in to my humble eclectisia

    Brady: But you are so young!

  18. Nikos,

    I may be young, but it's good to start ignoring these things early. I'll be set in my crotchety ways well in advance. Minnesotans like to be prepared.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life


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