Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pictures on a Mobile Phone

I found the connection lead for my mobile phone a few days ago - it has a usb type connector that is like no other usb type connector. After several hours of fiddling around I managed to download the eclectic collection of blurred images of random events over the past few years.

Wiesbaden street scene after Germany has won a football game.

Winter 2010 at Tatton Lake - looking forward to another bleak winter
Summer 2011 - The BMW out on a proving run at Manchester Airport.
Manchester Airport again - waiting for take off clearance to enter the eurozone
Mrs Nikos as seen through a kaleidoscope  - Autumn 2011.
The skies over Cheshire  - aircraft condensation trails.
Crocs(tm) in Wiesbaden but no size larger than 13.
Church in Wiesbaden - Summer 2011.
Manchester street scene - Summer 2011 - family on 2 motorcycles in the rain.
Flying over Germany the plane starts to ice up!
An Ozzie posty bike at the launch of the Ted Simon foundation - October 2011 Coventry - in the foreground is Jupiter.
Friday before August bank holiday weekend 2011 at Manchester Airport.
How come a German admits to building war planes between 1919 and 1934?
Self powered submarine racing - the Bogus Batoid family.
Cream tea at the Ashmolean Oxford.
Pussy power
Christmas 2010.


  1. It is good that you were able to get the photos out of your phone. It is a nice eclectic mix of things.

    I like the kitten with the Hitler mustache. We heard about that and I still couldn't believe people wouldn't adopt it just because of that. Poor kitteh.

  2. Cool photos. Did you remember they were all there or were there any pleasant surprises as they uploaded?

  3. Nikos,

    That's a neat time capsule you've found. I had the same thing, only there were pictures of me putting things on my head and a picture of Calm Down - a pet relaxant made, basically, out of beef flavoring and alcohol. I want to be a pet.

    I also dig on that BMW. Sexy little machine.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  4. Nikos:

    Great photos my friend! Those Aussie Postie bikes take part in an annual outback charity ride - 5000 km in 10 days or thereabouts. I still harbour the dream to do it. A friend crashed and had to withdraw 2 years ago.

    Snap! I got a battery-powered helicopter from Santa for Xmas 2010 too! Huge fun!

  5. The Bogus Batoid, a 'personal submarine' powered by a human flapping its wings. You gotta love that. I'm already working up a script for a sequel to Das Boot, featuring a now senile and even more demented Obermaschinist Johann single-handedly seeking revenge on the people who sunk his beloved U-96.

  6. That's not any Postie Bike, that's Dorothy! You can be her friend on Facebook :)

  7. @Trobairitz

    My pussy Tomkins has a swastika in his colourings


    Surprises and shocks!


    'Calm Down'? Interesting....

    @ Geoff

    Can you take off from the coffee table and land on the goldfish tank without hitting the hanging light fitting?

    @ Gadjo

    Have you interested Spielberg yet?


    Surely a better name would be 'Sheila'? -;O

  8. Nikos,

    In taking off from the coffee table and trying to muster the cats with it, I'm very good at clipping the other occupants in the room and threatening delicate nick-nacks. My incompetence is legendary.

  9. @Geoff

    Steady on the old throttle....

  10. Interesting photos. Nice pics coming from a phone.

  11. very nice pics again! the caleidocope was fun!! very nice winterpic in tetton ! What a crative man you are ;O)

  12. Nice to see that the Ashmolean offers a respectable tea-plate - but just one scone? One of the most enjoyable cream teas I have experienced was with Jennifer at the Adelphi in Liverpool - what the scone lacked in subtlety was certainly made up for its size, and Jennifer in particular always enjoys a big one.

    I didn't care for the afternoon tea at Reid's in Funchal, despite its reputation, and my current favourite is Bob Bob Ricard's, in Soho.

    But, I mourn the demise of the cream horn - so difficult to get hold of these days.

  13. I think the way you have Photoshopped that last photo is brilliant....a helicopter splash-landing in Lake Custard.......

  14. Dear Nikos:

    I think of our meeting and the resulting dinner often. I regret you are not closer to my current address.

    This was certainly an eclectic collection of photos. I had a similiar experience, when I to connected a Droid "Incredible" phone via a cable connection to my Mac. It triggered iPhoto and downloaded all this cool stuff that I forgot I had.

    I like the last shot best of all... But the picture of the German's running riot in the street after winning the soccer game is so typical.

    Fondest rehards,
    Twisted Roads

  15. @Motoroz

    Thanks for dropping by from down under.

    @ Miss Jessop

    I'm devastated to note that my humble blogette is meeting with your decency standards again.
    Look here:


  16. @ Affer

    consumate skill my dear boy

  17. Dear Jack

    I'm honoured to receive comment from you especially as you are under 25ft of snow according to the UK Tabloid press.

    We'll meet again!

  18. What a wonderful treasure trove of images. I admit that I am not terribly impressed with the Germans after winning the football game. So tame. ;)

    But I love the kaleidscope of Mrs. Nikos.


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