Monday, July 6, 2009

Here Endeth the First Lesson

After 34 years or so I have decided to become an advanced motorcyclist, or rather, it may be better put to say that I have decided to start the IAM Advanced Motorcycling course (again). The first lesson (known as an "observed run") took place between the Aldi car park in Crewe and the biker stop cafe at Broxton (somewhere off the A49) passing on the way signposts to Northwich, Leftwich and Nantwich not to mention Middlewich. There was only one deluge during the three hour session.
The intoductory IAM briefing on Friday night promised that practising the "system" at corners and roundabouts (some call them "islands") would not be "laboured".
On a more positive note, I learnt from chatting to a fellow student the handy tip on how a pillion passenger with short legs should properly mount a BMW motorcycle (hitherto the system employed by Mrs Nikos has been a running hop skip and jump coupled with a timely whole body hurling action with the hope that I could steady the machine against the not inconsiderable impulsive side force).


  1. Hop, skip and jump, with plenty of hope. Seen to recognise something there Nikos. Sounds just like Ian and Guzzisue on their Cali :o)

  2. Yes bikerted! I might add that with regard to getting the *leg over* action, Mrs Nikos remarked that the new leather trousers bought from ebay were maybe a shade "stiff" too!

  3. A case where "stiff" is better than "tight" I'm sure

  4. Mr Longleg...was stiff?? ;o)

  5. Good luck with the advanced riding thing...what does IAM mean?

    Hop,skip and jump...I might try that one, at the moment I hop and slide, my dismount is really just controlled falling lol...

  6. Dave
    My ROSPA instructor acquaintance said that IAM stands for the Institute of Average Motorcyclists but in reality it's the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

    In truth I appreciate that a group of volunteers takes time and effort to help others!


  7. Good thing you started the course for you might at last learn how to
    very much like the hop, skip and jump...will have the missus attempt it this weekend


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