Monday, July 13, 2009

An Acquired Art

Mrs Nikos' new motorcycle - a 1982 BMW R65

A kick starter unique to BMW provided on the premise that one would never need to use it in anger.

The battery was not up to the job - A small crowd of onlookers had gathered and were taking in the spectacle that despite much effort and vective, I had not acquired within ten minutes the necessary art of kick starting a BMW 650 engine to life. The bump starting along the pavement proved more successful and the crowd dispersed rapidly as I discovered that the space where my foot should have rightfully been to operate the back brake lever was occupied by a Bing carburettor.


  1. 1981...8.4.1981...;o)

  2. Doh! I'm always getting ages wrong of the opposite sex...

  3. Hi Nikos,

    I love how simple the engineering is on old bikes, you can see and get to everything, is it to be an ongoing restoration project?



  4. Baron
    I didn't she did.
    (actually a hand me down in her family)

  5. OK got it.... it still looks good..didn't know Mrs. Nikos was allowed to ride...let alone permitted to do

  6. Think ı shall have to talk dave into buying me a bike like that, looks fab good on Mrs Nikos :)

  7. Hi Linda

    Dave has offered a box of "rawlplugs" as a swop for the turquoise beauty - he is obviously thinking that it would suit you...-;)

  8. Mrs Nikos is a very daring woman then!

  9. Yassiou Nikos...Tikanes wray..,.hope all's well...cheers mate

  10. Dear Nick: I am a reader of Riepe's "Twisted Road" and an owner of a 1974 R90S with kick start. I've used it quite a few times, when I was broke and the battery was too old to hold a charge. This is how I did it:
    * Put the bike on the center stand.
    * If the engine is cold, pull the choke
    * Standing up, put one foot on the lever and press it a bit, to take the slack
    * Jump high enough to straighten the leg that if on the lever, and fall on the lever with the straight leg
    * During the fall/kick start, remember to slightly lean over the bike, so that it doesn't fall on its side.
    * Also, remember to have one hand on the throttle.
    * After a few tries, the bike usually starts. Turn the throttle immediately.

    Disclaimer: I eventually broke the lever using this procedure :( YMMV

  11. Paulo

    Thanks for the advice - I have almost sprained my ankle doing this gymnastic activity



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