Sunday, July 19, 2009

And for the Second Lesson it Rained (More)

I started with a soggy bum and I finished with colonic irrigation.

The theme of my second IAM observed ride was positioning & cornering both of which I achieved at various times but not necesarrily in the correct sequence. The theme of my ride home from Broxton cafe stop past Oulton Park and salty Northwich was extreme positioning around impromptu tidal flows caused by deluge rain conditions. Non UK readers should realise that this is no ordinary English summer - the UK Meteorological Office with the help of two Cray supercomputers the size of Mars had previously advised that we were due to have a "barbeque summer".


  1. Nikos...yeah I had heard of the predictions of a Bar-B-Q summer in Britain this're having what we call Liquid Sunshine...
    Glad you learned positioning...very important around's all in the curves my friend

  2. you know how dry it gets in crete, and how much we need the rain here - we havent seen a drop for the last two months so far.

    although i love the rain (where i was born - wellington new zealand - it rained year round) i know how difficult it is to enjoy outdoor life, a little depressing, but at least you arre not baking (as we are today)

  3. Your so lucky Nikos, its bloody boiling here, would love some lovely cool rain to sooth the sunburn lol.

    Is the riding course part of your preperation to ride to Greece ?



  4. Tell you what Mk and D, I'll post you some good ol' English rain in a bottle! I'm not sure how to send the howling wind (got to be careful with swine flu apparently!

  5. Hey Nikos....
    Yes do post some rain...I'd like to see that bud....
    you ever coming to Vancouver BC?
    Me casa so casa...we have one kid, 2 cats and 3 dogs at & your mrs...always welcome here compatriotes

  6. Thanks for the kind offer Baron.
    Nothing on the cards at the moment although I have visited beautiful Vancouver many times - Seem to recall the climate as being very similar to England!

  7. colonic irrigation...are you shure??
    ps nice Barons invitation ;O)


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