Monday, July 9, 2007

A Touch of Turbulence around the Shoei

The otherwise excellent BMW tuning parts website
has come up with this as a different means of wind protection. Could this be an innovation redolent of BMW's aviation heritage or is it an April fool? Stone the crows what happens if Sid Cager performs a SMIDSY manouvre in front of you in Neasden Parade - an unanticipated and imprecise beard trim?
The real issue being, I can't figure out whether to ditch the rather naff looking windshield on my Boxer- I don't really like bikes covered in tupperware - we have scooters to satisfy that market demand! In any case the windshield seems to be so angled as to cause undue and irritating turbulence and noise around my head at 70+: OK you say, crouch behind the screen like the spotty youths on their FS1E s (time warp moment).
What I really want is one those nice half fairings that the R90S used to wear.

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