Sunday, July 8, 2007

How to ride a motorcycle at winding road

Vaguely amusing and I'm learning how to post U tube clips into the blog (although strangely I was logged into the Polish version of U Tube). Not my scene riding aggresively at S bends - more of the spirit of the kamikaze pilot? Not quite the IAM recommended road positioning either. Whilst I'm on this, a polite note to the R6 rider who was on the centre white riding South on A29 at Ockham bends at 15:12 7th July 2007 (right hand bend for you mate - you should have been scaring pigeons on the near side - left hand for me that's why I was near the centre white). To make a short story even more boring, my observer complemented me on my mid-bend rapid evasion technique to avoid you banging your helmet on my right hand cylinder (shere fluke if you ask me). P.S. My observer was the one on the white bike with "Police" plasted all over it, sporting a white helmet and dayglo jacket - mind how you go "sir".

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