Monday, July 16, 2007

Starting out on RBR

Ok, so it's not to late to start this adventure - but where do I begin? I have the list of landmarks and the bike is almost ready for longish trips (lowered foot pegs fitted last Sunday - investigating a raised seat all to accomodate my 1,98m of vertical near arthritic normality).

George and Kathy's website gives some insight into what is involved but I have discovered a major problem - how do I hold the RBR card and take a photo at the same time? I must find a riding buddy or do I adopt the Ted Simon approach of befriending locals?Maybe a tripod and a remote control for the camera

There is a fair bit of helpful information on Highwaylass' witty blog and I had a reasonable degree of success at gleening an Alpine Ascent type of single day trip route planning strategy from Transport of Delight: It's such a perfect day...

Oh, and I found Bikergran's write up too.

More of a challenge will be the extended tours when there is so little holiday remaining....

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  1. It is only the bike and the card that need to be in shot, so you may leave the natives in peace. Though it seems to be popular among RBR's with pillions to require the pillion to leap, gazelle-like, control card in hand, up the mountain/well/packhorse bridge while the other half waits in comfort with the camera.

    The probaility of the card getting blown flat by the wind just before the shutter clicks is in direct proportion to how dangerous the parking spot is.


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