Thursday, December 15, 2011

Take Five

Roger of New Zealand threw down a  gauntlet and with much haste I scanned my photographic output for five evocative images of 2011.

April : Mrs N finds a nice motorcycle instructor for refresher training.
July:  We become demented in the heat of New York

October:  A fine early morning view on the way to Hamburg celebrating my entry into Lufthansa frequent flyer status

November:  Son comes out to play at Formby beach.

December:  Daughter is 21 and I take her and her Grandmother to where my parents took me when I was 21 (yes, the Cherwell Boat House is still there by the River Cherwell).


  1. Nikos:
    What absolutely cracking photos!!! The Beemer is set up for some serious distance work - is there a tale to go with it?

    The one of your son is intriguing - what's the story?

    Great to see your daughter too. We blink and they morph from 5 to 21 instantly.

    Merry Christmas from the colonies!

  2. Awesome photos Nikos.

    I love all of the family photos. You can't help but smile when looking at them.

  3. I am loving the plane one the best...did you have to open the window to take it?

  4. That wouldn't be you in the mud with your son standing on your shoulders or would it?

  5. Thanks for following me Niko. I joined (and enjoyed) your blog too.

  6. Geoff

    Bike belongs to Rob the instructor.

    The beach scene is at an Antony Gormley's giant open air beach extravaganza "Another Place" - google it!s

    Merry Christmas to you too!

  7. Trobairitz

    Thanks! You might take a different view meeting them in person on a daily basis.....


    I was clinging to the fuselage like Kenneth Williams in the Tony hancock test pilot's sketch...

  8. Sonja

    Metaphorically it is close to the truth!

    Hi Orestis

    Thanks for looking at my humble offer (not to be taken too seriously!)

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  10. hahah we get dement by the heat of New York!! ;O)
    Mrs Nikos ;O)

  11. Thanks for following Scooterpie! You have a very cool blog! Loving the pictures!


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