Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I am CanBus

Following a devastating bout of ManFlu (R), black ice and slush in my drive, I have managed to pick up CanBus, my new passport to be enslaved and beholden to the mercy of BMW Motorrad workshops and specialists who own a GS-911 Fault Code Reader.

In this near live image feed, CanBus awaits the proving run to Knutsford.


  1. Have you move onto a 1200.....Nice....

  2. Nice indeed! Man Flu is a term bandied about in our household, but not by me if you get the drift...

    With every good wish for the festive season from a warm and sunny place (sorry!)

  3. Very nice.

    Let's hope the weather is nice for a great ride on a twisty road.

  4. Wow, what a nice Christmas gift. You must have been good!

  5. I am CanBus. Hear me roar. :). Pretty....goes well with red.


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