Friday, September 2, 2011

In Search of Crocs(tm)

All good things must surely end, and the heatwave lingering over the Eastern Seaboard like the flow from a ceiling fan in a Turkish brothel was not one of them.

We drove to a location New Windsor - I knew that there would be something special waiting for me there:
Unique, large and customised crocs(tm) sent to me by the lovely Lori, rider of a BMW R1200R  and owner of this thoughtful blog

Now homeward bound, we had spent the week with marvelous people generous in their hospitality - you know who you are and Thanks!


  1. Crocs! I suppose they could look respectable with some sequins and a velveteen trim.

  2. He he, welcome to the club! Very decent colour. I tried to convince hubby to buy some dragon red ones matching his Vespa but for some reason he doesn't want to go for it. Maybe if I show him your pretty blue ones...

  3. What are the little things added into the openings?
    And the more important question, do they match your bike?

    Sorry I missed you at the rally, I left on Saturday morning (too hot!).


  4. Nikos

    Lori must be colour blind, I told her specifically to "get that other colour" . . .

    but it's a start

    Riding the Wet Coast

  5. @bobskoot I see the problem, you said "colour" (whatever that means...)

  6. Dear Sir:

    I suppose there is something to be said for rubberized ballet slippers, but I can't imagine it would be anything good. You should wear these while out on your GS. Triumph riders would pull your pants down and paint your ass blue.

    Fondest regards,

  7. It was soooooo hot! Crocs, the ideal shoe for Nick!;O) thanks agan!!
    Mrs Nikos

  8. I thought that would match the GS quite nicely! And those little things are jibbits. One is a pretty fairy for Mrs. Nikos and the other is Animal from the Muppets for Nikos. :)

    Crocs(tm) are alive and scaring the locals on the continent!

    Mrs. Nikos looks way too happy to be out of the high heat!

  9. Nice Crocs. Good job on the Jibbets Lori. The Crocs stores we have around here are amazing in their variety of both styles of Crocs and Jibbets.

  10. Ms Scarlet

    I prefer the disrespectable look


    I suspect that your spousal unit has taste

    Richard M

    Ask the ladies -it's beyond me.

    You went to the rally? how long did it take you?

  11. Bob

    So you think that you are in cahoots with Lori?


    My ass has cute ears, eats hay and carrots and flicks its tail - my arse is already blue thank you!

  12. Lori

    Bob thinks that you are in cahoots together?



    You like my Jibbits??????

  13. There seems to be cahootinizing all over the place!!

    And Trobairitz and I will there are many jibbets to look at and enjoy. ;)


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