Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Writer's Cramp

Here there and everywhere in April.

Conservative HQ Tatton - A bull shit pipe is being installed.

An airbag hi viz jacket - the last word in optimism as one is launched from a motorcycle (or horse) ...

Canterbury Cathedral - having spent my formative years in Kent I pay my first visit 30 or so years later.

A pedestrian swing bridge across the River Weaver near Northwich - in need of restoration (obviously).

Dawn patrol in search of volcanic ash action over the skies of England.

Ah yes, here we are!

My beautiful Rhine maiden poses next to the Loreli

My flying lesson is thwarted by the aeroplane being built for small people.

Now this is what I call a pair of riding boots.

Not much of a choice.

The scene on my mantelpiece at 09:45 today.


  1. Nikos:

    as I look at that photo of you in the aeroplane I can't help but wonder how you are able to press down on the clutch pedal.

    Otherwise, nice photos of your landscapes

    Wet Coast Scootin

  2. What a lovely set of vignettes of your life, Niko! Alexandrion "Greek recipe" brandy is the most popular brand here in Romania - it almost makes us forgive you for sending us the Phanariotes.

  3. What do you mean: "not much of a choice"? I'd definitely go for The True English (Poetry)Party. Apart from anything else, they have an excellent website!!!!

  4. Bob - bigger problem is the "joy" stick -:)

    O.K. Dilo - You have embarrassed me into looking up Phanariotes - and so I thank you most sincerely for continually educating me about things my Father never told me...

    Affer - the bard of Knutsford is a lovely man but he admitted to being a non-candidate (at least he is honest!)

  5. The airbag jacket....does the cat go in it for extra stuffing? Or around the neck for warmth?

  6. It puzzles me as to why we have to put an 'X' against a name. A cross generally means something is wrong, as indeed are all(?) MP's.

    Err, I think I may have answered my own question.


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