Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The First Leak of Spring

I had anticipated posting a blog full of Thundersprint impressions, this being my third year and Mrs Nikos' first. Instead I am in deference to the splendid piece produced by former Daily Telegraph blogger of repute Highwaylass and fellow founder member of the DT Bloggers Thundersprint visiting detachment (very) .

Whilst waiting in Frank's collecting box for  the cavalcade triple lap blast around the normally Citroen Saxo filled streets of Northwich, I discovered that what at first sight appeared to be a weeping brake calliper was in fact a blown fork seal:  fork oil pumped out by suspension movement finds its way to my front braking system - a sort of enhanced ABS.

A fine start to the planned Nikos World near world tour!


  1. The planned 'Nikos World near world tour'? Is that nearly all the world or merely the world nearest to you (i.e to the end of the street and back)?

  2. Yassou Nikos.

    Hope all's well...You gonna have fun fixing that fork leak...maybe you need to get it done by a Tech as you will need special tools my friend...
    BTW, you remind me of Zorba the Greek.

  3. With the leaking front fork the tour will be to the end of my road!

    ...B!MW! all the way to the bank!

    Everything in Zorba's life went pear shaped....oh yes, I see what you mean!

  4. I have a cunning plan...sell the blue beast and buy Ruby. I'm going retro ... Africa Twin!

  5. Highwaylass: going retro PROPERLY means a Cagiva Elefant.....and I know just where you can buy one!!!!

  6. One way to stop the brakes squeaking.

  7. THis is why I tend to stay out of the garage these days, I just let Biker TEd assist with the spanners:-)


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