Saturday, September 10, 2016

Going Nadgery up Offa's Dyke


First off what does nadgery mean? It seems that to nadger is to (quoting some spurious internet source) "Of software or hardware (not people), to twiddle some object in a hidden manner, generally so that it conforms better to some format. For instance, string printing routines on 8-bit processors often take the string text from the instruction stream, thus a print call looks like
jsr print:"Hello world"
The print routine has to "nadger" the saved instruction pointer so that the processor doesn't try to execute the text as instructions when the subroutine returns."

Secondly what and where is Offas Dyke?

It's a sort of ditch built along the Welsh / English border for 177 miles in the 8th Century by the then parody of Donald Trump, Offa Dump to protect from raids on Mercia from Powys. Offa's Dyke is now classified as a National Trail and takes one through changing landscapes offering amazing opportunities to catch a view of native wildlife and Welsh people. In practice the dyke looks like this in cross section:

And the point of all this is?

Back in June, Martin organised a motorcycle excursion over 2 days to follow the route of Offas Dyke as closely as possible. He sent us all a route named "nadgery" as well as a non nadgery version.

I was expecting to see this.

This is the complete dyke
I joined what was remaining of the group on Saturday night at Montgomery - I therefore completed the  nadgery ride north to the Welsh coast at Prestatyn

Montgomery - The Dragon Hotel - I rode down from Knutsford to meet up with he main group who had started earlier from Chepstow.  We stayed here and started off early Sunday morning

Montgomery - border outpost town

View from the garret - beautiful countryside

Some old blokes having a nadgery off road adventure, but only just

Horsehoe Pass, the Ponderosa cafe

The end of the road at Prestatyn

A commemorative the rain.


  1. I thought it was about bog snorkeling.

    Spectacular landscape.

  2. Gorgeous view of the green countryside in those photos.

    I wish our rains would return so that the greenery could too. I am getting a little tired of brown landscapes.

  3. I imagine there will be plenty of time for bog-snorkelling over the coming months - glad it stayed more or less nice for you!


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