Sunday, May 8, 2016

Blooming Luvly in Holland

Despite my loathing of trips through Holland mainly due to flatness, constant heavy traffic, bad driving, poor service areas especially for motorcyclists, constant rain, confusing signage, even more confusing motorway junctions and stupid speed limits just to name a few, I was advised to visit tulips near Amsterdam on my return from Greek Easter celebrations in Wiesbaden. (Best not to go to Greece for Easter due to the fustanella outbreaks).

On the way from Europort Rotterdam to Wiesbaden: Last Saturday was obviously "bring out your caravan " day. OK until the German border was crossed at Venlo and some confusion set in as to the correct speed limit.

Wiesbaden: a nice Italian job by the Kur Haus

No seagulls here

GDR pedestrian crossing man wtf

Enough said but was actually  is it my German friends enquire?

Our Easter guests from England are told that this is a small egg by German standards
 With only a short time to show guests Wiesbaden we focus on our favourite communistic cafe Klatsch.

Closed for business unfortunately due to a party the night before!

No Coca-Cola available here

Pile driving.
Like "Fahrt" this always delivers a titter from English types
 Next day on the drive to back Europort I discover a new function on the car's electronic wizard TV screen displaying altitude.  The tulips at Keukenhof are in full bloom and is open only from March to May
Holland is mostly below sea level and this proves it.  My radio button also flew off - I blame Dutch roads for this obviously.
 The tulips are in full bloom and Keukenhof is open only from March to May.  Here is the official website ----> CLICK HERE
On approach to Keukenhof

My English companions

The lake - walking on water

We managed to walk around the whole estate in about 2 hours

lunch - no idea what it was

Tulips are Ottoman - here is the pasha who invented them.

Tulip naughty bits

More tulip naughty bits


Realistic wax works sporting Dutch traditional dress

Safely installed on our super P&O cruise ferry I spot a coffee boat moored next to us

In August I'll be  trying the Stena service to Hook of Holland, which is just the other side of the Rhine estuary from Europort
Coming up next - May Day fun in Knutsford.


  1. Usually Tis is the season when Dutch caravans invade the German Autobahn... good on you to do the same to the Netherlands, it must have been empty by the time you arrived. Lovely tulips, up to now I wasn't aware they have nasty bits, too.

    1. PS: Had a good snicker at the fustanella outbreak, and the Green Ample Manikin? WTF alright.

    2. The annual caravan migration is quite be avoided!

  2. Hi Nikos,
    Your photo depicts a minimalist unknown lunch worthy of a U.K motorway rest area or have they improved? Perhaps the absence of gulls is due to them choking on cast off food (using the term in its broadest sense).

    1. The wax works clog wearing lady who sold me lunch said it was a traditional Dutch beef "pie". In reality it was a solid mash potatoe croquette.

  3. Tulips. Did you at least buy some bulbs, I hear they shall increase their value soon ...
    Dieser frittierte Klumpen Kartoffelpamps im Brötchen ist wirklich eine extraordinaire Meisterleistung. Never encountered something like this before, chapeau !
    The guys in your commie-Kneipe should learn to spell, it's still Tannenzäpfle, tah !

  4. Great photos! Looks like a wonderful trip!

  5. The tulips are beautiful.

    I am a little scared of what you ate on a dry bun though. Hopefully they had condiments to go on it.

  6. I don't think there would be enough condiments in the worldto make that look blobulous thing on the bun look eatable, but if your hungry enough I guess anything is worth a try. The tulips are spectacular, I liked the round walkway on the lake.

    1. We were hungry - the visit to see Tulips was a snatched bonus on the way to catch the ferry boat back to England so we had to grab grub on the go!


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