Friday, January 16, 2015

It was the best of rides, it was the worst of rides, but we arrived well in the end.

This is about the last leg of our journey last September and takes us from Delphi, around the Gulf of Corinth, over the Corinth canal and into Arcadia.

Leaving Delphi in front of a camper van - very popular with Austrians in these parts.

Chairman Steve leads the Oxford BMW club contingent to the next historic site - we say goodbye at this point for our personal scenic tour

We amble through the mountains and pause at the ski resort of Arakova.

Outside Arakova we stop for refreshments at a film set from a Hitchcock remake - the service for souvlaki and salad is so slow that we consume 3 rounds of  cafe frappe and lemonade waiting...

...this place has seen better days and staff

The wash room is expansive

The kettle is boiled

The map subsequently blew off as we got lost at Thebes

A journey around the Gulf of Corinth through gorgeous pine forests

A view towards Loutraki and the Corinth canal

Eventually the road started to hug the coast

Rain down south!  This is the way we are heading...

An abandoned road side cafe-creperie without human life

Corinth canal: Vertical panorama - my first

We always stop in the best tradition of bus travellers at the Corinth canal service area (accessed from the old national road). 
We were treated to a spectacular thunderstorm and with some miles remaining to go I was anxious about the mountain road at night...

On the road again dashing for Arcadia on the lovely new Tripolis motorway

 The final leg of the journey past Argos and Astros and upto the village was performed at night on wet roads - somehow I made it.

Arrival at the Eagle's Nest  - riding boots drying.


  1. Beautiful area, Nick. And thanks for that pic from the Corinth Canal, it was very educational to read up on this matter.

  2. Riding in the rain was worth the beautiful scenery.

    Nice vertical panoramic too.


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