Thursday, October 16, 2014

To Mostar in Style of E. Lear

 Rose with sun. Breakfasted from packets.  Funny serbic advice from hostel prop. Drove in motor contrivance south along coastal vista with Mrs N and Ali N[Navigatorofsorts].Edward Lear style...

Coast south of Rijeka

Into long tunnel and out into bright sunshine.

Descending towards Trogir and Split

Trogir walls and lunch


 Here we conferred on our future route.  It was necessary to reconsider our original plans, which were to take the mountain road under Parnassus, Delphi and Solona to Dubrovnik - rather we headed inland to Mostar....

Into Bosnia!

Mostar Ottoman town

On the famous Ottoman bridge built in 1558 by the Ottoman architect Cejvan Kethoda.  - destroyed in the war by the Croats and rebuilt by 2004.


Turkish style food

Something resembling a cow pat with chips
Next episode - Kosovo


  1. Are you making your way to Greece? Text me if you do so :)

  2. I like the offerings on the first platter, the second plate... rather irritating.

  3. Quite the trip you are on.

    The Turkish food looks interesting. Not sure I could eat a dish resembling a cow pie, but something tells me you dug in with gusto. :-)

  4. Cow pie with chips looks interesting ... wine looks better. Enjoy the trip.


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