Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hanging Out over London

The blossom is out down South and I pay a weekend visit to Miss N in the smoke.

Apple blossom at Clapham
A short Northern line tube ride takes us to the South Bank
The seat of coalition power and the Houses of Parliament in the background.
Miss N spotted an addition to Henry Beck's map - a cable car connection between the Royal Docks and the Greenwich penninsular
A DLR ride later...
A short inter-modal walk later (not forgetting to Oyster scan out)...
Are we dealing with SI units or what?  m and ft?
We hit cruisng altitude of 95m and I spot the runway of the docklands airport.
Our gondola is buzzed by a BAe 146
Fine views to the west, the dome thing and Canary Wharf
The glorious Deptford gasometer
And to the east, the Thames barrier
Looking south, the London that I know and grew up in dominated by the the Crystal Palace and Norwood Hill TV transmitters
These Japanese tourists trying to find onward tarnsport links from the dome thing got somewhat lost by the looks of it.
The edifices of near failed parastic financial services - Canary Wharf from Greenwich penninsular as we look for a 188 bus to take us to Greenwich village.

We drive by bus through Greenwich village towards the Royal Maritime Museum  - the London marathon event is being set up for tomorrow

Lunch is a dome thing mega burger eaten al fresco.

The Emirates Air Line is worth a journey on a clear day and it gives a contrasting set of east London views compared to the London Eye.  The Greenwich penninsular is a little bleak and dominated by the dome thing, with high grockle factor resulting in long queues for restaurants. We managed to find a bus to take us to Greenwich village and sat open air by the river to eat lunch in a more relaxed and congenial atmosphere.  The river bus took us back to Waterloo.


  1. Interesting views from up in the air.

    Lunch looks tasty too.

  2. Nikos:

    Looks cold. Great burger but you need a large mouth to bite into it. I wouldn't know how to navigate around using the public transit.

    A weekend photographer or Riding the Wet Coast

  3. cherryblossoms ;O)

  4. I enjoy looking a pictures of London... I miss the place, but I don't want to go back. Pictures are enough.


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