Friday, June 15, 2012

Thundersprint 2012 - the Movie

I realise that some weeks have passed by since Thundersprint but the non availability of processing power and three aborted attempts later the movie is now ready for release!

Blogerist  of renown  Highwaylass appears riding Honda Africa Twin number 277.

I'm currently working out how to add music and I had to speed the action up.



  1. PS

    I have now managed to add suitable music

  2. That was cool. Having never seen any Thundersprint footage it was neat to see all the bikes.

    I thought riding in a group of 27 was big, that seems miniscule compared to this.

    Thanks Nikos for you hard work getting the video together.

  3. Ahhh..... moonlight Sonata (Askenazy version?)

    Good to see a Street Triple featuring prominently near the start - you have exquisite taste.

    That annoying #234 stopped me from having a good look at the dustbin-faired bike though!

    Cheers for that....

  4. Trobairitz: Thanks for watching!

    Geoff: I have a feeling that you would really enjoy Thundersprint, what with the cavalcade, Bennets girls and the timed trial events - why don't you come next year? I';s always the second week of May and it never rains....

  5. Your film has a marvelous, almost elegiac quality, Nikos - how poignant to eschew Born To Be Wild in favour of the classical schtick - and in fact I was expected an ending like Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey.

  6. Nikos,
    Current plan is 2014 for a flying visit to the south of England, possibly en route to Canada

  7. Great video. I cant imagine riding with that many friends. Youve got some stones! But it looks like a great event.

  8. Great choice of music. I've always thought that Beethoven and bikes go together well. The Moonlight (first movement) is one of only two classical piano pieces I can actually play, and I tend to hum it to myself quite often on long motorway stretches.


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