Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Scenes of a Destructive Nature

Whilst I note that some fellow bloggers are posting their plans and ambitions for exciting motorcycle adventures for 2012, I'm holding back pending the renovation of my basement bathroom.
That is all for now.

This crummy jackusie bath thing has never worked properly and randomly switches on and off during the night with no visible means of electrical isolation - a H & S hazard without a proper risk assessment.
Here it is in its death throws - good riddance!.
I was thinking of converting this bathroom into a so called "wet room".  But that is too like a Greek bathroom.


  1. We now have a "wet area" shower in our main bathroom. Chased persistent leaks through the floor for several year until we ran out of patience and spent a veritable sh*tload of money on new technology to make it leak-proof.

    You are wise to make no plans other than bathroom renovation. There's some ethereal law that says it takes 100 times longer than your initial estimate.

    Salutations from Down Under....

  2. Geoff

    The cost of the wet room waterproof base seems to exceed that of a nice low profile shower tray plus the fact that you need to tile the former!

  3. Ahhhh renovations, so much fun - and time consuming.

    You've given me an idea to do a before an after post on some of our renos. We're a sorry lot who have done 100% of the work ourselves.

    Good luck with the bathroom project. Been there done that on wall and floor tile. Not hard, just a pain in the butt.

  4. My condolences. Like Geoff says, 100x longer than you think it should take. New construction is much, much faster. My last remodel ended up removing everything down to the studs and subfloor then starting over.

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  6. Dear Nikos:

    I had no idea Lucas Electrical made jacuzzis.

    Happy New Year

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  7. At least things are only down the bath tub and not down the toilet!!

  8. Trobairitz

    Thanks - I'm hoping that it gets finished before next Christmas!

    Richard M - That's the best way - drains up!

  9. len

    Thanks for dropping by - some say that NW is an acquired taste....


    I believe that the pump at least was made by VDO under licence from the Prince of Darkness LLC - that's why it kept operating at random moments during the night.

    All the best for 2012

  10. Three key words there: basement, renovation, bathroom. They all imply skinned knuckles, leaks, uncontrolled expense, frustration and constant trips to Wickes.

    Buy another motorcycle.

  11. What happens in a Greek "wet room", Niko? Nymphs, togas, tousled hair, lots of steam, games of hunt-the-soap.... or did I just make that up?

  12. Affer

    I have


    I'm told by a friend who did National Service in Greece that it's best not to bend over to retrieve dropped soap in the wet room.

    Draw your own conclusions but that is probably why soap on a rope was invenetd.

    Happy new Year!

  13. Just looking at your reno fills me with dread, because we are going to do a bunch of stuff to our house this year. I think how're we are going to hire someone because we don't have a lot of time & I am still waiting for baseboards to be replaced from 6 years ago - that doesn't really bode well for a quick complete reno.


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