Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Twixt Christmas and New Year

Tom decides to sit under the Christmas tree.

The traditional game of scrabble leads to my traditional defeat at the hands of people who know the rules better.

One of my presents to myself is deployed in cutting a 10mm strip from the skirting board in preparation for the tiling of my basement. This Worx SoniCrafter has to be the most useful powertool ever.

The SoniCrafter is later used to cut away a rotating nut on the fuel tank*  of my BMW R1150GS...amazing how a 1 hour routine job such as changing the fuel filter can turn into an epic twixtchristmasnewyear event.

* Don't try this at home.


  1. Wow - I'm not sure I'd be bale to watch my husband wreaking that much havoc on our skirting!! Although I do trust that the end result will look grand.

  2. That looks suspiciously like an angle grinder in the skirting board photo. I'm worried.

    All the best for 2010!

  3. To calm everyone's fear, the SoniCrafter's cutting tool vibrates at 20,000 hz by about 5 degrees and neither produces a torque reaction nor produces sparks unlike an angle grinder!

    So far I have used it to cut a steel bed frame in half, trim skirting boards and cut out a stuck nut on my motorcycle fuel tank. If my name had been Remington i would have bought the company....

  4. What was that again... in English?

  5. Ah....but will it take a stone out of a horse's hoof?

  6. Affer



    It,s a giant vibrator - does that help?

  7. Hi Nikos,

    Some years since I've had the primal manly joy of playing with angle grinders, the modern ones dont make sparks you say, that surly detracts from their manliness!!



  8. Is it waterproof? Would it be safe to use in, say, the shower? Or the bath?

  9. Hello Camilla

    Thanks for dropping in.

    In answer to your query, whatever "lights your bulb" but that could be the ultimate turn on with 240V powering it!

    TTFN N

  10. :o) Hee hee. Yup - that helps!

  11. Nikos:

    I was going to mention something about my Dremel tool which is similar to your SoniVibrator but I got sidetracked and visited your "gallery", now all I can think about is the Reeperbahn. Funny how this has come up twice today (also on Jack's Blog)

    also there is something wrong with your camera lens. If you go back to the photo of the bedroom with the window to the washroom, the face is very scratchy. Is that one way glass so as to fool the occupants ?

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  12. Bob

    You are most observant - the view through the bathroom glass has been censored to preserve the anonymity of Mrs N who is sitting on the throne! (She has not yet noticed any of this.....). I did not dare attempt a shot of her showering!

    Now I understand where Jack gets his sobriquet!


  13. When I did learn to weld, I had an exam on creative use of the Dessoutter KA16 angle grinder. Gives a very good grind.

  14. Alice

    Have you tried welding underwater?

    N XS

  15. I did some underwater oxy-welding and flame cutting in a training tank. But I don't like to get my hair wet.

  16. Alice

    Surely lady welders are used to "helmet hair"?

    N xs

  17. That's a little personal, Mr Nikos. Should we ask if you have problems with your hair on your helmet?

  18. I can't deny that on occasion there might be some issue with HH.

    Topic closed.


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