Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Carnival Capers Condundrum

In Mrs Nikos' home town there is some sort of heavy mass hysterical get together on Rosenmontag aka "Karneval".  This year that will take place in Wiesbaden (twinned with Tunbridge Wells)  this coming Sunday (?) and celebrations joyously include "....dressing up in fancy costumes, dancing, parades, heavy drinking and general public displays with floats".
Question is do I return to my award winning get on German TV fetish giraffe disguise or shall I be a pink cuddly pig or even a kangaroo?  Last year the  beer barrel proved a large flop and the pig had a nasty fall on sheet ice.  I could try that one provided that the lycra will accommodate 20 layers of thermals to pad me out and I will definitely wear my electric Gerbings motorcycle gloves to keep my extremities warm (current forecast Clear. High: 4 °C. Wind SSW 27 km/h. Windchill: -6 °C). Flippin Heck.

Team Nikos following the abortive interview on a German TV channel (Libary photo courtesy of KinkyFernsehen Auspufen GMBH.)


  1. where are our faces????
    Mrs Nikos

  2. I didn't expect a sort of Spanish inquisition.

    We must remain anonymynymouse - you never know whether a potential employer monitors this clap trap.

    love Gorgonzola the Giraffe in brown tights


  3. Well Nikos, at your height, I would have thought that youu wearing the delightful skirt shown in the first photo would be an attention-getter, not just in Germany either!

    Thank you for the gem about being a twin of Tunbridge Wells, my Chief Executive will be delighted as she grew up not far from there. (I'm not sure whether this makes her a Kentish Maid or a Maid of Kent and she doesn't know either).

    Very best wishes from the Land Down Under.....

  4. Oh my, German Karneval. Honestly, one of the reasons I left my home country ;-)
    Well, actually the carnival in Cologne wasn't that bad. The best were the day off (Rosenmontag) without having to take a vacation day. It was just tolerated that you were busy with going crazy.
    My favourite day was Weiberfastnacht, were girls were celebrating on their own and cutting off men's... what was it... ah yes ties or shoe laces.
    Alaaf, helau and so on.

  5. Weiberfastnacht in Koln: it's just fantastic! I've been in Wiesbaden many times but never during Karneval` - and I bet it's great too. The Germans seem to have a manic streak where they go nuts right up to midnight....then go home and behave the next day as if nothing happened!
    I've also enjoyed the Erbeerenfest in Eltville, and the Spargelfest in Walluf.

  6. I have seen somebody dressed as a carrot in Tunbridge Wells.
    Anyhow, I'd advise a kangaroo suit - I have experience of this - it will keep you warm, but take care not to let your tail drop off.

  7. Ooh I DO hope I see you there Nikos!

  8. Geoff

    For sure your Chief Executive was made in Kent and I just love those red boots and lovely legs....

    thanks for writing in

    as ever, N

  9. Sonja

    I have to admit I find that "Helau" chanting somewhat irritating and my brown tights itch too.

    Thanks for taking the trouble to read my drivel and comment, Nxs

  10. Ms Scarlet

    What a strange near coincidence: I got lost last year in Tunbridge Wells riding my motorcycle to the Channel Tunnel - I did not see an attractive carrot, nor even an ugly one.

    I may well leap into the 'roo suit this year.


  11. Dear Affer,

    Nuts up to Midnight? The squadron of road sweepers form the last attraction in the Carnival cortege.The streets are spotless by 4pm. The punters who have consumed too many Berliners are probably wretching at home (I know that I am)

    You seem to be very Fest aware - you must join us - we have costumes aplenty - we are probably looking for a beer barrel occupant this year.

    Best wishes, N

  12. Oh Percy

    You look a lovely fairy in your avatar - I'll keep a look out for you on RheinStr!

    Kind regards, N

  13. If that is indeed you in the last photograph, you appear to be standing outside an Erotic shop. I suppose it's too much to hope that, rather like Bill Clinton, you did not 'inhale'.

  14. Camilla me old fruit

    In fact it is difficult not to stand in front of an erotic shop in Germany

    Thanks for leering into my images so closely and writing in

    XS N

  15. Dear Nikos:

    The last time I ended up in a German gin mill about dawn, I noted a sink that was about 5 feet off the floor, with a deep indentation in the rim. When I asked about it, my host explaned it was for the convenience of patrons who cared to extend the evening by throwing up. They will need a taller one should you attend as a giraffe.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • Reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  16. That Giraffe suit is amazing. Please wear it to the Thundersprint...

  17. The very good welders, Metallbau Orlob (or Creative Metal Design) are quite near` Wiesbaden. I think you should visit them.

  18. Dear Jack

    Sounds like the Germans have taken on the good practice of induced vomitting from the Romans. Personally I have no trouble in vomitting - I just think about British private school food.

    I always appreciate that you take time time to raed and comment my humble offering


  19. Dear Sheila

    Fortuitously I have just fitted a taller windscreen to my decomposing GS.

    XS N

  20. Dear Alice

    The Cobus Aluminium airport buses so often seen at major airports are made near Wiesbaden too. The place seems to be quite a little hub of welders, braisers and fabricators.

    Thanks for your suggestion

    xs N


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