Saturday, March 5, 2011

March Musings

So far March has been a bit of a disaster on the IT front but I can report excellent milk foam in Wiesbaden.

This is a demonstration of an important scientific discovery filmed today in Wiesbaden -  a spoon resting on milk foam.

If this appears on your computer screen scream.  It took me 3 days to rectify and this machine was supposed to have been protected against trojans by state of the art security software.  Do not send $79.99 to  Murdoch Spyware Inc (a division of Slater Nazi PLC) when prompted so to do.

This is a copy of the Choragic Monument of Lysicrates in Athens in Tatton Park - I like to take a walk during my lunch hour or two and discovered this quite by chance.

According to Auto Fahrt this is the new mini Mini.  When the new Mini came out some 10 years ago (?) I was keen to test drive it but was mighty disappointed as it handled worse than my VW Passat and had less space inside than a Smart car.  A pretty pointless vehicle and a poor testament to the brilliant concept created by Alec Issigonis.  I suspect that the mini Mini will be similar, all crumple zone and no trouser.

Meanwhile back in the workshop I am fiddling with the valve clearances on a classic air cooled boxer engine to retain my sanity from IT driven hysterical madness.  But life is not so simple -   the rocker shaft end float has to be adjusted first.   The newly acquired motorcycle lift is a boon in cheap Chinese manufacture and convenience.


  1. Nikos......are you desperate for entertainment there! My mate brought one of thise chinese lifts, it is actually not badly made.

    Spy ware is the bain of every computers life...I have a mac now, not so many problems.

    I thought the coffee and spoon was an exceptionally amazing discovery.......certainly have not noticed it before.

  2. Nikos: You can do your own floating spoon trick at home. If you want to make your own passable version of cappucino, cold, low-fat milk is a must. I use a plunger milk frother but reckon that an inch (for you non-metric Brits)of cold low fat in the bottom of a cafetiere and pummelled vigorously for a few moments would froth nicely. You can then float spoons to your heart's content and impress Mrs N at the same time!

    Brought to you by the NZ School of Gastronomy at no cost to the taxpayer.....

  3. So what site were you visiting when you became infected?? The dangers of being promiscuous...

    Nice that the bike is getting some attention and hope all goes well.

    -Steel Cupcake

  4. Sorry, Nikos old chap, not convinced by the spoon on the Wiesbaden milk foam: the spoon could be perfectly balanced on the edge of the cup, and the rest of it's handle (out of picture) could be 2 feet long.

    Ah, Alec Issigonis, another heroic Hellene doing service for the Great British cause. Dr. D. G. Hessayon would be my own personal addition to that list.

  5. Roger
    The milk foam in this particular cafe is awsome and teh waitress is very cute too


    I do not have a plunger milk frother but it maight be a worthy addition to my onboard BMW toolkit

    Lori Steel von Cupcake

    I had just finished browsing on a blog entitled "For Love of a Motorbike" when the dreaded System Tool trojan struck.


    I do believe that I have the great Doctor's "Mini Expert" publication somewhere - he expalins the trick of how to change the fanbelt without taking the engine out.

    Nikos in a chicken costume.

  6. Niko, I'm sure he could write a book explaining just how to achieve that feat you mention, but for now I'd stick with his advice about Petunias if I were you. Britain's most intenationally successful author of non-fiction he was, maybe still is.

  7. Oops. I also had the systemtool virus on my cronky old laptap, the weekend before last. I don't use it very often.
    I caught it after visiting Rightmove!

  8. As that well known resident of Syracuse was heard to say: "δῶς μοι πᾶ στῶ καὶ τὰν γᾶν κινάσω" meaning that you could lift a BMW with one finger, let alone balance a spoon in frothy coffee......given a long enough lever. About 343.5 Kilometers long in the case of the BMW.

    And let not time befuddle the memory of the original Mini: a nice concept, but an absolutely appalling heap of rust and unreliability in its execution - and, inter alia, responsible for more young people having bad backs than any car bar the Mk1 Cortina.....

  9. Many people learned to weld by working on Minis - but not me. Why did they get bad backs?

  10. You didn't try to balance your classic air cooled boxer on the top of wheelie bin again then ?

  11. Buy two of the new minis and you will have a pair of motorised roller skates

  12. Really? From "Love of a Motorbike"? Must have been right after a visit from "Twisted Roads". Dirty, dirty.

    -L SvonC ;)

  13. Dear Scarlet - ++***IGTUIUT$&^$&*FU

    Affer -
    I'm not so good at ancient Greek

    Alice -
    In my case the bad back was caused by the weekly maintenance/repair ritual of inserting my head under the bonnet for hours on end. In Affer's case one can only imagine.

    Young Dai -
    What a good idea, that would have saved me £100.

    Biker Ted -
    I could not afford even 1 new mini and anway I take size 14 shoes so no good!

    Cup Cake von Steel aka Lori -
    The culprit has owned up (see above) - a case of mistaken identity, I'm mots frightfully sorry and will self flagulate.

    XS N

  14. Goldarn it, boy! You sure do cover some strange things in your blog! Them itty-bitty Minis is getting popular here, but you just can't beat a good old F150 pick up truck. And what the hell did that Affer guy write?

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. I was once in an old Mini... with five other people plus a couple of guitars, big speakers and a saxophone in its case...


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