Thursday, October 16, 2014

To Mostar in Style of E. Lear

 Rose with sun. Breakfasted from packets.  Funny serbic advice from hostel prop. Drove in motor contrivance south along coastal vista with Mrs N and Ali N[Navigatorofsorts].Edward Lear style...

Coast south of Rijeka

Into long tunnel and out into bright sunshine.

Descending towards Trogir and Split

Trogir walls and lunch


 Here we conferred on our future route.  It was necessary to reconsider our original plans, which were to take the mountain road under Parnassus, Delphi and Solona to Dubrovnik - rather we headed inland to Mostar....

Into Bosnia!

Mostar Ottoman town

On the famous Ottoman bridge built in 1558 by the Ottoman architect Cejvan Kethoda.  - destroyed in the war by the Croats and rebuilt by 2004.


Turkish style food

Something resembling a cow pat with chips
Next episode - Kosovo

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Balkan Journey Days 1 and 2 - Into Croatia

The departure from Wiesbaden was delayed by 2 days or so due to taxing reasons but we set off for Innsbruck late Monday afternoon.
As we set out for Gostivar
we hoped that the voyage would be a long one,
full of adventure, full of discovery.

Mrs N looks  demented  because she is doing her tax return prior to going on holiday.

A pageant of efficient transportation - 3 registered and TuV certified vehicles and a top box held on with nylon tie wraps all in close formation.

Innsbruck  value lodgings - introducing Ali, our bringalong Balkans guide and first rate builder
Next day we headed for Slovenia and Ljubljana

A retro motorway cafe provides 50's relief

..complete with Harley-Davidsons en masse off to a rally somewhere or other

Motorway tolls muct be prepaid in Austria and Slovenia

Somewhere on the Slovenian border we stop again to work where we we are supposed to be goingt

We are not completely  lost..

Laistrygonians and Cyclops,
angry Poseidon—don’t be afraid of them:
we’ll never find things like that on our way because we are driving on land stupid
as long as we keep our thoughts raised high

a finger on the map and the Tomtom switched off,

Very handy pictorial road signs in Slovenia diminish the need to turn off the motorway to visit places

We ended up in the Croation port city of Rijeka looking for accomodation.

Here is a signage for the Botel....

The Botel was full but we were guided a "Lounge Hostel"...
A shock for us to be outside of the euro zone.

The "Lounge Hostel" was well positioned.

We ate at a nearby pizza restaurant - Croation cuisine borrows heavily from Italy.


Pizza and kofte

An inexpensive meal - thanks to the €

National Geographic were putting on a public photo montage exhibition featuring Croatia - it seems to have a diverse topography

The efficient pageant is parked overnight at the old dock wharehouses and surprisingly we find it the next morning.
as long as a rare excitement
stirs our spirit and our body.
Laistrygonians and Cyclops,
wild Poseidon—we won’t encounter them
unless we bring them along inside our soul,
unless our soul sets them up in front of us,

unless we did not realise that Tomtom maps do not cover Bosnia Herzegovina that well......

Friday, August 15, 2014

Terribly Very Flat, Holland

 I decided to try a new entry point to the Continent of Europe for a short visit to Mrs N who was working in North Germany. P&O Ferries sail daily overnight Hull-Rotterdam. The cost of taking a motorcycle was not too unreasonable. This route would circumvent the awful drag of driving south in congested England.

Here is the sun deck of the ferry-some bikers have started boozing:  next morning on arrival at Rotterdam the Dutch police were breathalysing us all!

Expensive crisps and the Humber Bridge.  Hull port is a convenient journey from Knutsford at 130 miles compared to 240 miles to Dover or Folkestone

This represents Dutch scenery at its typical except there is no windmill in sight.  The carefully prepared Tomtom route failed at Utrecht in ever decreasing circles searching for an errand way point

Dangast sea side North Sea German style.  About 260 miles from Rotterdam, I arrived Friday evening to nice weather.  This little town is somewhat spoilt by the campsite.

With the tide out the mud frolickers appear: Watt Wanderung!

We are here in a bosom: Friesland, Lower Saxony with views of Wilhelmshaven

Superb Dutch style rental bicycle weight 300kg, 7 gears and a bottom cosseting seat

Cycle tracks around the groynes

1kg of fish dinner (for two)

Varel market

I'm very taken by the panoramic mode of my new Panasonic camera (thanks Sonja and Roland!)

The way it was - carefree young flying boat spotters in the '30s

Penny farthing selfie

No scene without a wind turbine

Shrimps and egg dinner - I thought Krabbe would be crab....

Blazing sunset over the camp site (I wish it was)

For some reason there is a phalus on the beach

A posing chair

Gay flags

Day trip to local light house - as the sea is rarely in evidence and I was concerned about the return trip across the mud

Mrs N waded through the mud to get a frontal view and advised that this was some perverse lesbian ornament - I recall Antony Gormley


Fisch Brotchen snack

fish frikadele aka fish cake and potato salad

The Dutch do not seem to approve of civilised motorway service areas serving proper coffee and providing a seat so I make do with €1.20  machine coffee and an improvised cup holder

The Tomtom provided me with an impromptu tour of Rotterdam

Who said that the roads in Holland were straight, flat and boring?

We departed Rotterdam into a strong gale - the captain announced that stabilisers would provide comfort

To celebrate the use of stabilisers I succumb to baked camembert...

...followed by expensive fish and chips and mushy peas..
...before settling down in my cabin.

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