Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sniffing out the Third Man in Vienna

Spot the pear shaped sewage pipe, the advertising hoarding and the mobile booking office - yes we tourists are about to be fleeced by Wien Kanal the trading name of the enterprisng Viennese Sewage Pipe Authority

The entry to the sewage system of Vienna that Orson Welles never went down (he thought it to be a bit smelly down there so his double did the business as it were)

A fine twin tunnel sewage throughway.

Whilst trying to breath the noxious air emanating from the passing Viennese motions, we are shown clips from the motion picture The Third Man (do I keep mentioning motion?)

A grate through which noxious fumes emerge and possibly not Orson Welles' hands.

The cemetry in which Harry Lime was buried almost twice


  1. Marvellous! One of my MOST favourite movies....but where is THE CAT?????

  2. As long as no one decides to make a 4D version of the film all will be ok. I never saw any advertisments for this trip when in Vienna, so is this a new tourist trap Nikos?

  3. O.W. went down the sewage...but before they had to paint an antiseptic liquide on the walls!!
    Go to ESPERANTO PARK, there ist the Seccesion near ( House with the bay-leafe-gold-ball on the roof)!! NASCHMARKT.. There you find the advertisement !!
    Nice fotos, as allways Mr Nikos! ;O)


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