Friday, October 30, 2009

Corporate Bollox

The company that I have worked in for three years has been recently taken over by another large US corporate organisation, Every day I am sent stuff like this generated by people that I have never heard of before, in jobs that I am amazed they get paid for and certainly these pronouncements add no value to my particular job! This one was sent from "Global Supply Chain Services HR" and probably means that they are going to axe a few more of my colleagues in the near future.

Bollox message reads:

We have invested considerable effort in the design and planning stage of this key change, focusing our organization on:

· Elevated Stakeholder Engagement & Interlock

· Revenue Enablement through both Deal & Account Support

· Cost improvement and transformation

· Enhanced demand planning


  1. Nikos:

    I am still mulling over those words trying to understand what they mean. I thought they wanted a new steering wheel for your yacht.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  2. Bob

    A complete mystery to me too! My yacht has, sadly, long ago sailed - listen to my next post!

  3. Isn't Elevated Stakeholder Interlock a WWF move?

  4. Two times when to keep your mouth shut: when you're swimming and when angry.
    Mergers and acquisitions generally accompany downsizing.

  5. Hi Nikos,

    'Engagement & Interlock' I love that phrase, somehow, somewhere I will use ıt lol..




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