Friday, March 2, 2012

The Proverbial One Armed Greek Bouzouki Player

I was much heartened to hear fellow Greek property owner John Humphrys pass comment on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme Today today (sic) that something or other was .."about as much use as the proverbial Greek bouzouki player in a Bavarian beer keller".  I think this was something to do with my pan-European bathroom renovation projects that appear to be pumping much needed funding into the ailing Greek economy and Wickes.

Here are some observations of my recent visit to Attika.

The Greek press seem to be obsessed with images of a certain Corporal Schicklegruber and German Chancellor Mrs Merkel cuts a trim figure dressed in a familar uniform and
appears to be very popular.
On a bus riding towards Cape Sounion - 35 miles for €1.60!  Motorcycles compete with the tram by riding in the bus lane.
My front porch appears to have become a motorcycle parking area!
A metro train   - anywhere in Athens within 90 minutes for €1.40
Octopus grilled and then chewed
mixed starters
Mussels and feta
Pastries from Asia Minor recipes.
At this time of year free oranges adorn many streets in Athens
A visit to Mount Pendeli to pick up marble...

...and watch the traditional beginning of Lent kite flying.
No mention here of corrupt and inefficient government and Goldman Sachs


  1. Great pics Nikos.

    Those transit rides sure looked cheap compared to over here. Is that part of the economic troubles? They don't charge enough to cover the cost for services?

    When we were in San Francisco last year the rapid transit charged by the mile. That was expensive but cheaper than a taxi.

  2. Nikos:

    +1, what Trobairitz said. You don't pay enough for services. Also you retire too young, we can't keep bailing you all out . . .

    no wonder the country is in trouble !

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. Food looks , well, interesting to say the lest.


  4. Great photos - you had me 'til the octopus that is. Love your parking spot.

  5. I have been researching a lovely woman called Josie Greek, who is a wleder at Litespeed, the famous bicycle compnay.

  6. Alice: you should study spelling!!!

  7. 'All we are saying is give Greece a chance', ah, there's comedy to be found in everything! Are the press really styling the sensible Mrs Merkel as a Nazi?? That'll help. We postponed our planned hol to Western Peloponnese until another year, but we'll be coming.

  8. Fourth picture is of the elektriko (Green Line) servicing Piraeus -Kifissia.(Doesn't the metro run underground?)

  9. Dear Anonymous

    The Green line appears to be an integrated part of the Attika system despite the carriages having a more grafiti look abvout them

  10. Elgin nicked some good marble for us, so leave the rest there! We get the blame for most things, but a Greek bringing marbles over is just not cricket.


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